Nokia X7 announced!

Nokia, today, announced two new smartphones to be released in the 2nd quarter of this year — the full touchscreen Nokia X7 and the full qwerty Nokia E6. Check out details of the Nokia X7 below.

The Nokia X7 replaces the X6 as Nokia’s flagship smartphone in the music/multimedia category.

Nokia X7 specs:
4-inch AMOLED screen @ 360×640 pixels
680 MHz ARM 11 processor
Broadcom BCM2727 GPU
Gorilla Glass Display
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 w/ A2DP
8MP fixed-focus camera with dual LED flash
FM Radio tuner
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion battery 1300mAh

Nokia also made a significant refresh in their Symbian Anna OS. The Nokia X7 will have an estimated retail price of around $550 (~Php24,000).

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  1. Erik Gatmaitan

    haaay kakapalit ko lang phone eh ^_^

  2. i hope this can help symbian, well at least survive the mobile OS competition :p

  3. sakit sa mata ng design. lol

  4. nexusboy

    360×640 pixels screen display? isn’t that below standard?! the iphone, htc’s and samsung’s are at least 480×800.

    • someone

      android and ios started from 480×320, so i guess it’s ok. atleast symbian touchscreen phones follow only one “standard” resolution.

    • “standard” or OS limitation? :D

  5. raymond

    awesome! i’ll wait for its price to go down

  6. Operation Super

    That is one ugly phone.

  7. netbooksearcher

    But… Symbian’s a dying OS…

  8. Specs look fine. Would have preferred it in a more traditional shape/design though.

  9. nixmanabat

    spec by spec,,i think its just the same as the nokia n8 disregarding the screen size and camera hardware. i hope the n8 gets the OS upgrade same with this.

  10. Hindi ko gusto new icon!

  11. looks ugly.

  12. MEH!

  13. MEH! I’m over Nokia phones.

  14. Been appreciating symbian os but android are getting better

  15. nexusboy

    i talked to some staff in several NOKIA Care Centers, they’re one in saying LUGI na raw sila and they may be closing down the stores sooner than we all think. very sad if they’re indeed closing. NOKIA will be missed.

  16. wreek888

    Nothing new, same old slow processor, and the design, looks like a small coffin LOL.

  17. if only this phone carries android or even windows and upgrade its processor, i think this would be a winner.

  18. Name: daniel

    payong kaibigan : kalimutan muna natin NOKIA :P parang hindi worth ung pera mo dito, super outdated hardware.poor app store. android muna tayo! haha

  19. Name: leviathan

    Ive learned everything from symbian operating system! It isnt dying, its evolving right before our very own eyes! Simple as that . . . !

  20. kristoff31

    haayyyy.. go for samsung galaxy ace instead… mas mura pa ang mga android phones…

  21. ocampo gene

    ayaw tlg magpatinag ng NOKIA n gumamit ng ANDROID APPS. at i offer sa mga phone nila… pride.

  22. EspayderMan

    Kung hindi ako nagkakamali ito yung phone na gamit ni Shia sa Transformers 3 :D

  23. saw this model personally… its not as bad as it looks here… ganoon din akala ko dati… sabi ko panget… haha pero nakita ko sya astig naman… sayang nga lang at symbian…

  24. Eto ung fone na gamit ni Sam sa Transformers 3.


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