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May 27, 2013

Official: BlackBerry Q10 launch on June 7 at Php31,990

BlackBerry Philippines has made official announcement that the BlackBerry Q10 will be released in the Philippines on June 7, 2013.

BlackBerry also indicated the suggested retail price at Php31,990, about Php2,000 more expensive than the BlackBerry Z10.

This coincides with our earlier leaked report that Globe is going to offer the Q10 on Plan 1799.

The BlackBerry Q10 which is equipped with a QWERTY physical keyboard and an “edge-to-edge” glass. It has a 3.1-inch super AMOLED touchscreen display with 720 x 720 resolution at 330ppi. Like the Z10, the Q10 also has an 8 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing, 16GB of internal storage with microSD card support, Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE.

The handset will be available in black and white colors.

BlackBerry Q10 Review

43 Responses to “Official: BlackBerry Q10 launch on June 7 at Php31,990”

  1. Phillip says:

    Alae pagka-mahal naman nare..

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Arrogantly-priced for ONLY Php 31k

    It’s more of a sentimentalists’ phone rather than anything else, nasanay na ang tao sa touchscreen, may bibili pa kaya neto? I don’t see the younger generation and aged 30+++ folks buying this, dun pa lang limitado na ang target customers….at ang MAHAL pa…susmaryosep, sana manalangin na ang BB para di sila ma bangkarote

  3. abuzalzal says:

    LOL Php32k pala! How would BB convince new buyers na bibili neto let’s say over a Galaxy S4?

    Given na may ”fanbase” ang BB, pero matagal na silang lumipat sa iOS / Android…can the aged QWERTY keypad convince them na bumalik ulit sa BB?

    I don’t think so….

    • Fruitberry says:

      I agree 32K is a way bit overkill, to think pwede na mga larger screen like the galaxy S4 ito. but ang binabayaran talaga is the QWERTY and the BB10 OS trusted and most reliable na ang blackberry maybe siguro para sa mga buisnessmen na barya lang ang 32k sa kanila. pero sana man lang kahit maging 22k hehe parang BB9900

    • abuzalzal says:

      The QWERTY keypad alone doesn’t warrant the uberly ridiculous steep price…Php32k is just plain delusional

    • zarne says:

      According to polls in the US, 64% of former BB users switched to Android/Ios will come back to buy Q10. For existing BB users, 76% said they will remain and buy the Q10. This phone is selling very well in the UK and Canada right now if you are following the news. Read the reviews guys, all of them said that this is the best “Qwerty Smartphone” today. This is not a phone for everyone, only for those who want a physical keyboard. Simple lang, kung ayaw niyo huwag bilin, kung mahal at di kayang bilihin, lbang phone ang bilihin. This is a business phone, not for Apps and games. Read this link of the poll survey Abuzalzal so you don’t always put your feet in your mouth.

    • abuzalzal says:


      And what makes you think that a mere ”poll” would translate into those exact figures that you’ve mentioned?

      Windows has just overtaken them…Emerging markets like India, China, a whole lot of Asian and South American countries don’t want it, …come on here, please base your facts on Statistics, not some FANTASY POLL that you find randomly on the web LOL

      BB is Hopeless

    • zarne says:


      Ask the french why they are choosing the Blackberry 10 ahead of Samsung, HTC, and Apple phones. There must be something unique in the blackberry 10 phones that people like. I will let you figure out what those unique features are, with your mosquito size brains.
      Moral of story: Do not bash a product just because of its price. Look at the product itself and its selling points.
      (I hope that you are not sleeping with your beloved cherry mobile at night)

      Check this out….

    • mike says:

      @abuzalzal. napaghahalatang wala kang alam, puro hangin laman ng utak mo. wala sa hardware yan, di na kailngan ng BB or ng nokia ng quadcore specs, kasi yung “OS” nila doesnt required higher specs with regards to hardware…

      Di mo pa naman yata nahahawakan Z10 or Q10, feeling mo all knowing kana. LOL

      Aanhin mo naman ang quadcore, 8 core na android, kung buggy at nag lalag pa din.

      Di lahat ng tao, gusto touch screen. Marami pa din kaming naka qwerty phones.

  4. ocommon says:

    Next month 15k na yan haha!

    • zarne says:

      You can call until the carabaos come home but I don’t think the Q10 price will be down at that price (15K). The other model Q5, set to be released this year will probably in the price range you mentioned.

    • abuzalzal says:

      @zarne the shill

      Blackberry is the ”MySpace” of smartphones, it is history…Deal with it…be thankful na lang at least nag number 1 ang kumpayang pinagsisilbihan mo bago nauso ang iPhone LOL

      like they say ”You Had a Good run”

  5. meh says:

    31k?? insane! The galaxy s4 is now 27k or so. This will go for at most 15k

  6. jake says:

    guys.. if wala kayong pambili.. dont make reklamo… Blackberry is a premium phone… para lang yang credit card… ikaw normal credit card… ako PLATINUM user…. para lang yang nokia 5110 ka… ako nokia 8800 carbon arte (noon) para lang yang samsung galaxy ka tapos IPHONE 5 ako… at para lang yang… plan 999 ka ako plan 5000 paltinum plan…. you pay for being elite and premium… and status …

    • abuzalzal says:

      I CANNOT think of any benefits of owning a BB smartphone….you are essentially buying the BB badge (na matagal ng LAOS)…puro ported Android apps tsaka outdated pa yung specs at a premium price pa…kahibangan

      Eh di mag Android ka na lang kung ang habol mo yung ported Apps ng BB…

    • Wha Antolin RIGOS
      Twitter: CallMeWHA

      Oh di ikaw na @jake

    • mang kanor says:

      Kami lalaki, ikaw bakla.. iphone5 mo pang bakla.. mahilig ka sa mahaba eh.. haha

    • zarne says:


      ‘I CANNOT think of any benefits of owning a BB smartphone….you are essentially buying the BB badge ‘

      Get out of your cave, research and read some news before you make dumb comments like that. Since you are an Android fan, I should ask you these:
      -Why Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, which owns Android, prefer Blackberry keyboard phone over any other brand?
      – Why Pres. Obama was using a blackberry when he was a senator?
      – Why Govt’s, Business & Professionals continue to buy blackberry phones?
      – Blackberry being ‘outdated’? LMFAO.. Go ask Mercedez Benz why they choose BB10 OS with BBM video sharing to be installed in their cars. (This was announced in the Blackberry Live Conference) Blackberry owns ‘QNX BB10′ and QNX is in cars like Volkswagen,Hyundai,& GM. BBM & video conferencing between smartphone and car will be coming soon. It was tried at the conference and it works! NOW, ASK ANDROID OR IOS TO TOP THAT.
      Disclaimer: I owned android, ios, and BB devices and just interested in reading Tech news. Some people here are probably sleeping with their ‘phones’, but I don’t.

    • abuzalzal says:


      puro celebrity endorsement na yung arguments mo ah, hehe, and that has Nothing to do with what I have said, and please, you can claim that you own an Android all you want but you sounded like a butthurt shill or a BB employee

      In the upper echelons and social classes, siguro may advantage ang BB dahil sa sosyal status lol…below that WALA na

      you are living in your pre-2007 shell…Nostalgic ka masyado

    • bbstatussymbolonly says:

      @zarne oo nga tama lahat ng cnasabe mo, pres. obama uses a bb phone. BB phone din ang ginagamit ng US government agencies at ginagamit din ang BBOS sa mga luxury car brands na cnabe mo, pero lahat cla gumagamit ng BB dahil BBOS ang pinakasecured na mobile platform at kailangan nla ng secured mobile platform para sa trabaho nla pero kung magbabasa ka din ng news, lahat ng US government agencies ay nagpapalit na ng company phones,at un ang iPhone(nabasa ko xa about 3 months ago) dahil mas versatile gumamit ng iPhone or other platforms dahil ang mga ito ay pwedeng pangbusiness at the same time for entertainment and daily use.

    • mike says:

      @abuzalzal. napaghahalatang wala kang alam, puro hangin laman ng utak mo. wala sa hardware yan, di na kailngan ng BB or ng nokia ng quadcore specs, kasi yung “OS” nila doesnt required higher specs with regards to hardware…

      Di mo pa naman yata nahahawakan Z10 or Q10, feeling mo all knowing kana. LOL

      Aanhin mo naman ang quadcore, 8 core na android, kung buggy at nag lalag pa din.

      Di lahat ng tao, gusto touch screen. Marami pa din kaming naka qwerty phones.

  7. techNo says:

    mag-HTC One or S4 or iPhone 5 or Note 2 na lang ako kung ganito ito kamahal. Ang Blackberry dapat bumaba muna ng level, dapat karibalin muna nila dito sa PH, Cherry, Torque o Myphone. Sigurado sa brand name plus lower price tapos kahit pangit na phone, kakagatin pa din ito ng mga taong gusto lagi nasa uso.

  8. Enlightened1 says:

    It’s all about “status symbol”.
    Some people aren’t wearing a wrist watch worth hundreds of dollars just to know the current time of the day, they wear it for flaunting purposes, silently saying to everyone how rich they are because the richest persons are the ones. Right?

  9. Name: says:

    the *best ones

  10. meh says:

    whats the point of a blackberry? they will soon port BBM to iOS and Android leaving no reason for a blackberry

  11. awaw says:

    Php 32,000? BWAHAHAHAHA !! AHAHA !!

  12. knives809 says:

    Guys get real. Una, di na bababa ang presyo ng q10. Lumuha man kayo ng dugo o tumae man kayo ng ginto. It’s all about preference. I personally prefer physical keyboard so i can text or email faster with less errors and can be used with one hand. Naninipisan ako sa mga keyboards ng full touchscreen devices. I really dont agree that its a status symbol. Galaxy note 2 was priced the same or higher during its release pero no one is saying na sosyal lang ang bibili nun. Dami niyo reklamo.

    • youredoingitwrong says:

      magkasing presyo nga xa ng note 2 nung nilabas pero magkaiba cla, BB is more of a “tatus symbol” and a business phone,di tulad ng note 2 pangdaily and entertainment use(considering the apps it can use) at pede rin xang pangbusiness kaya mas sulit note 2 =))

  13. gatong
    Twitter: freelancerage

    daming reklamo. mahal etc etc etc. kung ayaw nyo wag nyo bilhin. kelangan pa talaga magreklamo? as if naman papansinin kayo ng mga companies na yan. nakakasira lang kayo ng image ng blog na to.

  14. zarne says:


    ‘I CANNOT think of any benefits of owning a BB smartphone….you are essentially buying the BB badge’

    The BB users that I listed e.g. Govts, Business, Professionals are not celebrities.(maybe Obama) These people saw the benefits of owning the BB phones, benefits that you claim you can not see. Come on! be honest! You can not see or you refuse to see. They bought BB for reasons like platform’s security, phone features, Design quality, Personal choice, and of course the BB brand. You don’t know me, so don’t make false assumption that I am one of those fake reviewers that Samsung allegedly hired from Taiwan to bash HTC. Yes, I truly owned a 16 GB, Nexus 4 besides my BB. Got it on a bargain price from Google Play at about 1/2 the cost of the Q10. The Nexus 4 is an excellent phone but it is a bit too large for my pocket. Now my daughter is enjoying it for Apps. games, and its GPS maps. I don’t work for BB so I couldn’t care less whether they survive or not. If your crystal ball prediction of BB’s downfall is so accurate, then ask your crystal ball and tell us the winning numbers of the next sweepstakes raffle. Then we can buy all the BB and Samsung phones that we want. LOL

    • My2cents says:

      I would agree with you that it really is a personal choice. I don’t understand people saying that there’s no benefit in owning a BB Smartphone. An aggregated messaging/notification center (BB Hub) is one. So is flick typing (on the Z10), at tsaka yung Flow. These are all benefits. Argument about the apps is so overrated. I used to play with my Nexus 7 a lot when I had the BB9790 but now that I have a Z10, it (Nexus 7) has never been used as much. It’s true na yung old BB OS didn’t have much entertainment value to it but it did have a strong messaging capability. The BB10 now combines both. BB10 has games like Dark Knight, Iron Man 3, Six Guns, N.O.V.A., etc.

      Sure, it doesn’t have the same amount of apps that iOS or Android has but the important apps are already there.

      Q10 has one advantage that people don’t realize. You can walk down the streets typing without the need to look at your phone. Then again, it is a phone geared towards a specific market if you don’t like it then it’s not for you. For those naman who wanted the same experience pero cannot afford, there’ll be BB Q5 na irerelease by 3rd Q.

  15. Noyid says:

    You can buy this at 25-27k in online stores. I bought my Z10 amounting to Php 25,600 (LTE ready). Globe offers 31,990 for Z10, so I actually saved around 5k.

  16. justathought says:

    ngaun ko lng naisip na parehas pla ng ugali ang starmobile at BB,parehas mataas ang pride haha

    • mike says:

      ibahin mo naman kc ang bb sa starmobile… premium phones naman kc compare sa rebranded phones

  17. Blue says:

    Finally! I’m glad I held out getting a Note 2, it was tempting but at the end of the day this phone addresses my needs at work (as weel as my personal communication needs, including my online business). One of the things that gave me fortitude to resist Note 2 (the only full touch phone that ever tempted me to the point that I filled out the application form for a line with the other network and yes it follows that I found it easy to ignore iPhone) is given the thousand of apps I can get for an android or iPhone – I wouldn’t really need most of them. I remember when Firefox first came out with all these extensions and I was downloading extensions left and right. Now I use the private tabs of Chrome and Opera, no added extensions. I figured I’d behave the same way with an android or an iPhone. I would be engaged with all those apps for the first week then it would be reduced to what I intended it to be – a smart phone for emails, light surfing, sms, calls. I don’t see how phones can still be seen as a status symbol these days – seriously who still thinks owning a certain brand of phone is cool? Or an investment. The trend is once a tech product like a smartphone is released to the mainstream market it becomes obsolete because the companies would be in the midst of finalizing the newer model so they can release it 3 or 6 months down the road. So I’ll enjoy my current BB – an ancient Torch – and look forward to replacing it with the Q10.

  18. Jino says:

    Sabi nga sa akin ng mga nakatatanda, “Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin, mabuti pang manahimik ka na lang.”

    I guess it applies here also. To the bashers of BB, iOS, and Android, kung wala lang din kayo sasabihing maganda o makabubuti, mabuti pang manahimik na lang kayo.

    Puro kayo satsat

    • malika says:

      Hindi porket negative comments ang ibibigay namin bawal na magsalita, sa totoo nga lang gustong-gusto ng mga cellphone manufacturers na nakakatanggap cla ng negative feedbacks(as long as may point naman) para malaman nla kung anu ang dapat baguhin sa binebenta nla…remember “Customer is always right” =)

    • Wala says:


      Customer is not always right but customer is king.

      (Hindi laging tama pero dahil siya ay customer[king], siya ay dapat masunod.)

      yun lang…

  19. Abed M.
    Twitter: iamogen

    I wonder if 9900 and other OS7 BB smartphones will be updated to OS10.

  20. arvinsim says:

    Pa security security pa kau jan. Give me on concrete practical instance that it is gonne be used with the average consumer.


    • zarne says:

      @ Arvinsim

      Practical instances where security matters:

      Mobile banking- On line banking is a way of life in America, Europe, and other developed countries. Banking Apps. are installed in mobile phone so they can transfer funds, pay credit cards, and home bills via their phones. Security of the mobile OS therefore play a very important role. If mobile OS in infected by “malware’, financial informations can be compromised. e.g. accounts stolen, identity theft, etc.
      Email- Mobile OS infected with ‘malware/spyware’ can hack into email account and steal personal and sensitive information.
      Maybe security is a least concern for users who only use their mobile unit for phoning and entertainment.

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