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April 14, 2014

QHD AMOLED screen, the future of displays?

1080p used to be the highest screen resolution there was for mobile phones, but a new kind of display panel now takes its place in terms of pixel count. The first ever QHD AMOLED display has arrived and it brings a 2560 x 1440 screen resolution along with it.

2k resolution

The credit doesn’t go to Samsung or LG as they are expected to come out with devices boasting 2K displays. Instead, Taiwan-based AU Optronics pioneers in developing  and distributing a 5.7-inch panel which holds the record for having the highest resolution. As mentioned earlier, the screen boasts 2560 x 1440 screen resolution accompanied by an impressive pixel density of 517ppi. The display is also thin at only 0.57mm.

This only backs up the reports and rumors of upcoming devices sporting 2K displays. Not only that, there’s also a big chance that it might be the standard for flagship phones in the future. The question is, do we really need over 2K resolution on 5-inch smartphones?


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9 Responses to “QHD AMOLED screen, the future of displays?”

  1. Yusuf says:

    AMOLED is (and will always be) the future. Believe it or not, OLED displays are now catching up with LCD display. Personally though, I think it has already. Check iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 display comparison by Display Mate.

    • nego
      Twitter: iamogen

      AMOLED screen performs better indoor because normally they produce better black while LCD performs better when viewing outdoors. Apparently AMOLED screen tends to over-saturate colors IMO. :)

  2. ocommon says:

    Overkill ang QHD display sa mga 5inches. Mas maganda i-apply nila yung mga banyan sa 8inches pataas

  3. secret says:

    dapat ung dinidevelop nilang technology ay kung paano mapapatagal ang battery life ng mga smartphones hindi puro nalang ram, cpu at lcd tapos pagdating sa battery puro sablay. .

  4. Easy E says:

    Hindi na pansin ng mata ng tao yang ganyan kataas na resolution. Maaksaya pa sa battery. Sa mga mas malalaking screen sizes nalang yang ganyan, like sa 8/10inch pataas.

  5. snowdred says:

    better apply this ever increasing resolution to the field of optometry. QHD 4K reading glasses anyone?

  6. Hero Reyes says:

    Tingin ko pang tablet nalang to di na kailangang taasan pa yung 1080p na resolution kahit sa note 3 wala ng makitang pixel. kailangan ang upgrade sa cpu and screen para mapatagal pa lalo ang battery I think ganun ang ginawa nila sa s5 kaya 2gb lang ang ram dahil more than enough na din naman yun given the fact na kitkat na sya ng nilabas. Amoled this days perform well indoor and outdoor mas tipid din sya sa battery dahil ang black nya walang ilaw talaga unlike sa lcd na greyish padin. Over saturation is a thing of the past na may adaptive display ang samsung para ma address yan. Madami na akong nakita na 2014 flagsip pero tingin ko lang best padin ang sa Note 3 di ko pa kasi nakikita yung s5.. TINGIN KO LANG..

  7. whod says:

    top 10 gaming laptops

  8. jcruze057 says:

    My thl w300 has the same resolution but its a 6.5″ phablet

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