Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs leaked

SamMobile has once again been informed by their reliable tipster about what goes inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And based from what their informant said, it seems that the South Korean firm’s upcoming phablet is not gonna be a pushover.

According to the report, the SGN3’s engine will sport a total of 16-cores; a pair of quad-core processor from the CPU side (Exynos 5 Octa) and another 8 cores for the GPU (Mali 450). This is believed to be backed by a 3GB RAM which, if turns out to be true, is going to be the highest RAM in a smartphone.

sgn3 yuga

The handset is said to run on the latest version of Android which will be displayed on a 5.99-inch S-AMOLED 1080p screen. It’ll also have a 13MP main camera that is more likely to be the same one as the one found on the Galaxy S4.

Of course, a handset with such configuration would require a humongous battery. Although the capacity wasn’t specified, the site claims that we can probably expect a bigger battery than the current Galaxy Note which is rated at 3100mAh.

This year’s IFA in Berlin is believed to be the time and place where the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will make its first official debut. If we’re fortunate enough, we’ll be on site to cover the launch so stay tuned for that.


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  1. 9evian6

    sabi ko pa naman, Samsung GS4 na.. mukhang hihintayin ko pa ito..

  2. Smokescreen

    I knew it was a good idea not to give into the S4 temptation. This is well worth the wait.

  3. Freeje

    I want it now but I guess that’ not possible so I have to settle for the Pantech Vega or the LG Optimus G Pro. I don’t trust quality of the Chinese branded phones yet such as the Ascend Mate or the Grand Memo.

    • DTech

      Optimus G Pro lacks the pen, u should wait for the N3. It’s all worth it when it comes out to market.

    • azardo talodo

      Samsung and LG Products are South Korean products.

  4. The specs are getting boring, just faster CPUs and GPUs, and more RAM. Time for them to start thinking of integrating these into laptops like the Motorola Atrix concept …

  5. as the RAM increases the bloatware that uses ram also increases..hahaha..

  6. Gian Austria

    Aabot na yan ng $1000. Boring na, wala pang innovation. Why are so many Samsung fanboys who are just after the S-Pen? Gusto nyo maging S-Pen na lang din mga daliri ano? Ma-gimmick lang din kac yan. Kung ako sa inyo mag-K900 na lang kayo.

  7. watrboy

    Nice… buy too big for me… malaki na nga yung note 2… ok na ako sa gs4….

    • Heckler

      Wow! Ikaw na! Imagine nagpost ka na sa twitter na naka-S4 ka, tapos meron din sa FB tapos meron din FB page ng yugatech, tapos sa comment section ng Yugatech. Langya! OO NA MAY S4 ka na. Di lang ikaw ang kayang bumili nyan. Kaya din ng milyong milyong tao na bibili nyan kaya wag ka ng magyabang. Ka-irita ang kayabangan ng maraming pinoy ngayon sa social network. High blood! Pati pag-activate ng globe sa phone mo updated ang lahat ng friends mo.

    • PWNED! Hahahaha. Infairness hindi mo ipinagyayabang yang Samsung Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE from Globe. Really? Who gives a damn whether your LTE’s activated or not? NO ONE DOES!

    • Internet Hate

      I-unfriend na yan! I-unfollow na rin! Muhuwahahahaha.

    • Sosimo

      Seriously, kailangan ba talagang ipagyabang? Di ba mapakali kung hindi ipagyayabang? Nakakatuwa yun account mo na naka-public view, parang intentional just to brag hehehe

    • lolipown

      so how’s your e-peen doing with the s4?

    • xtinab

      baka first time lang magkaroon ng magandang phone. pagbigyan..

    • watrboy

      Thanks sa mga nag comment :) God Bless.. dun sa gumamit ng username ko sa comment sa baba.. salamat din sayo :) God Bless ulit.. sorry if me nagalit sa comment ko :) di ko sinasadya :) yaan nyo last ko na comment ito sa yugatech.. :) di na mauulit..

  8. As usual, Samsung always tune up the competition.

  9. Don Ronald Lim

    S-pen is not a gimmick because it has a great ecosystem around it. I use it often so just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean that it’s a gimmick and others won’t use it either too.

    • I agree. The S-Pen is not a gimmick for me. It’s also useful for doing a quick note especially during meetings.

  10. I like the idea of the note but i just find it so hard to hold as a regular phone/device. I’m not yet sold on the idea of huge phones

  11. Sophia

    I love the S-pen cause i can have the precision i need that a finger just cant deliver.

    • IfYouKnowWhatIMean

      That’s not what your mom said last night. >:))

  12. ecaps24

    I hope the screen will have no bezel at all on the sides. At any rate, I’m a happy GNote2 user and might as well go for Note3.

  13. Lupet. Sana September na.

  14. Sanctuarian06

    Seriously? What applications or games for a mobile platform that would require such a 16 cores or large amount of RAM? Even if you do such a multi-tasking you know enough is enough. Samsung is just making a hardware update, nothing innovative, also the design, it is always the same.

  15. Carlos

    I was planning to get the S4 this month but because of this post I am having second thoughts.

  16. Peter

    Owner of Note 2 here! The best phone! Super snappy and the apps by Samsung are we’ll made.

    So excited for Note 3 than S4! If may budget I might be tempted to get Note 3! Sana by that time my hands are a little bit larger!

  17. abuzalzal

    Haaaays….mga mid November ko pa ito mabibili kung nagkataon…Ang tagaaaasaaaaal ng araw……

  18. abuzalzal

    Pag lumabas ang LENOVO K900 sa expected price (Php18.5k+) dun muna ako hehe pantanggal ng kati then I’ll have to see what Samsung will bring on the table. Pag killer ang specs at features (assuming that it is priced at around Php 32k-33k

    Sell the Lenovo for 12-13k Php siguro hindi na ako lugi dun

  19. Jortz

    so kelan announce ung Note 4? Next month? Di ba obvious, parang laruan lang hahaha!

  20. Epal Lungs

    Nope. Ayoko ng sobrang laki na phone. 5.99 inch screen? Parang naka-steroids ang phone ah. Love the specs pero di ko ma-imagine sarili ko na sumasagot ng tawag on a 5.99 inch screen. Konti nalang tablet na eh.

  21. toinks

    haha… paglumabas ang sonyHONAMi/togari on july s4 is around 20thou. xZ playing the price 23k-22k, s school time nsa 2othou. follow by iphone lowcost. nomore say s4 s a premium item

  22. watrboy

    eh ano naman mga haters kung gusto kong mag announce sa FB ng LTE ko? inggit kayo? d magpa LTE din kayo. may ipagyayabang naman talaga ako kesa sa inyong mga pulubi.

    • Heckler

      Hahaha! Haters! Feeling sikat. Ayos din ang banat mo. Di kita hate Marjune, inis lang ako sa kayabangan mo. FYI, ayoko man sabihin kahit kanino pero kaya kong bumili ng 4 na S4 sa isang buwan kong salary. Pulubi ba? Kahit anong binibili ko or pinupuntahan ko, di nakapost sa social network kasi for privacy/security reasons at ayoko na may ma-feel na pagka-inggit ang friends ko or inis sa akin tulad ng nararamdaman ko syo ngayon. Halata nga na bihira ka makabili ng mamahalin na cellphone, so sige na nga, pagbigyan na.

    • watrboy

      I am really sorry if me nayabangan sa akin.. its not my intention.. take note i change my twitter username, to find out if someone posted this comment but I think someone is (I use @Yugatech), but this one didnt change, it means someone posted it using my username … anyway.. ok lang kung ano sabihin nyo.. ginagalang ko yan.. :) God Bless na lang sa inyong lahat.. :)

    • Heckler

      yeah right. tell it to the marines

    • Heckler

      Sorry, Marjune. Di pala ikaw yun. At di ako yan nasa taas hehehe Iba ang icon

  23. Lezure2010

    I’m just curious about how fast the Mali450 really is. So it’s gonna be an eight core Mali450 vs a 3 core powervr544 on the S4 right? Which GPU is gonna be faster?


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