Samsung Galaxy R becomes official

Originally referred to as the Galaxy Z, the Samsung Galaxy R has now been officially announced by the Korean company as the other twin-brother of the popular Galaxy S2.

A little thicker than the S2 due to its metallic construction, the Galaxy R sports a Tegra 2 processor and a slightly smaller camera sensor {via}.

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R specs:
4.2″ SC-LCD capacitive touchscreen @ 480 x 800 pixels
Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor
Nvidia GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset
8GB storage
up to 32GB via microSD card
5MP auto-focus camera with LED flash
1.3MP front-facing camera
720p video recording
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
GPS with aGPS support
FM radio
Li-Ion 1650mAh battery
Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

It’s been released in Europe this month so we should be seeing it slowly creeping into Philippine shores soon. As for the price, we expect the Galaxy R to be less expensive than the Galaxy S2.

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  1. bryan_mmx

    ooohhh brushed metal finish, i like.

  2. Kenneth

    Wow! Good thing I didn’t buy SII yet. This phone’s look really suits my taste – though the camera sensor was lowered down, that ain’t a big deal for me anymore. Can’t wait for its release! Yey! :D

  3. Cocopako

    Ganda ah, mukang eto next phone ko, vey nice specs!

  4. melvin anthony javie

    what’s the difference of rom/ram.. newbie sa mga ganyang bagay :) thanks

    • Apache

      Making it simple ROM is a Storage of files and data something like HDD on your Computer or Laptop, And RAM same in all Technology Random Access Memory the Higher the RAM the faster it goes But don’t you compare RAM to CPU cause CPU is much more powerful than RAM, CPU is the most important think to look in all Technology if its Single Core its Good but when a Smartphone or a Tablet get a Dual Core that its GREAT!.

    • What Apache said is technically wrong. You can’t compare the CPU to RAM. The CPU processes while the RAM stores data. ROM and RAM are both types of memories. But what you really need to know is that if you want applications to load fast, you need to have a good CPU (at least 800 MHz for Gingerbread), while if you want to have many applications running at a time, you’d want a to have a high capacity RAM (around 512 MB will do). Don’t look too much at the ROM, the phone will usually access only when you turn it on.

    • ICesteam

      Ok para ma simply for you yun RAM and ROM in terms sa phone

      SGS 1 = 512mb(actual is 300+ when use task manager 60 – 140mb)
      SGS 2 = 1GB ram ( actual is around 700+ but when you use task manager only 400mb- 500+mb left )

      1GB RAM in phone memory, the more ram the more applications you can run, apps load faster and this will prevent your apps from LAGGING/Hanging when using it .

      @ the above poster 512MB ram is not enough i have SGS one and the actual memory shown is 339mb this apply on custom roms, now when you open the phone using task manager you will only see around 140 – 150 max because apps eat system ram, @ 60mb left, if i open a Gameloft game and run another one it will hang, i need to use a task manager to kill running apps on the backround so i can run the games, AKA Order n Chaos and Modern combat. my wife has SGS 2 i can open/close 3 -5 games install lots of widgets and still see 400mb – 500mb free memory.

      now for the ROM part( SgS rom 2gb is taken from the built in SD memory 8/16/32gb so if you have a Sgs one with 8gb Internal Sd, when you check memory youll only see 5.79GB left for internal SD,@ 16GB and 2GB rom youll see around 13GB+ internal SD.

      ROM is use as Application system data storage, that`s why when you format your SD some data retains on your phone,this also serves as your temporary data storage. call logs, theme settings. Browser cache.

      Expandable SD upto 32GB- means external hardisk parang WD Passport tambakan lang talaga ng file

  5. I think… another wait na naman ito.. hay ang bilis talaga ng technology phasing…

  6. Apache

    So in short Samsung Galaxy S II Sucks? cause Samsung Galaxy R is running at Tegra 2 chipset so we can Play THD Games on Market with out Rooting the phone NICE!.

    • ICesteam

      SGS 2 = Dual core 1.2Ghz 1GbRAM,2GB R0M and 16GB Internal SD,8megapix , SuperAmoled2.

      SGS R = Dual Core 1Ghz, 1GB ram, 2gb ROM and 8GB internal Sd, 5 megapix , SC-LED

      SGS one PLUS = 1.4 GHZ , 512mb ram, 2gb ROM, 8Gb/16GB,internal Sd, 5 megapix , Superamoled+

      SGS one orig = 1.0Ghz , 512 Ram, 2GB ROM, 8GB/16GB

      SGS R is a good alternative if you cant afford SGS 2. the only Major advantage of SGS 2 is when you install GAMELOFT games you can only install 2 – 4 games on any SGS with 8GB internal. if you find SGS R with 16gb the better

  7. how about the samsung galaxy s+ or the I9001?

  8. jhepoyskee

    looks good, brushed metal. sana around Optimus One – Desire S ang price range. :)

  9. This one looks more better.

  10. Kenneth

    Like it!!!!!!!!

    hope it will be cheap :)

  11. Frank Castillo

    “ROM and RAM are both types of memories.”

    The plural of memory(RAM/ROM) is still memory, NOT memories.

    You cannot compare computer/gadget memory to a memory(“ala-ala”) stored in our brain.

    • You say “4GBs of RAM” or “128KBs of ROM” when you state one type of memory no matter how large the capacity, but RAM and ROM are different. So, it is correct to state “computer memories”.
      And you could relate computer memory to human memory (ala-ala) since the term “memory” was just adapted for computer use. (Section 4a)

  12. Wow! :) Given the specs I think there isn’t gonna be a big price difference with the S2. But I hope I’m wrong and it will be priced considerably cheaper … :D

  13. razorous

    Does this have the USB MHL too? This is sweeet!

  14. gusto ko nito! okay na sana kahit mas mababa ung camera kaso ung AMOLED eh… gusto ko nun… haha pero okay na to! mas mura dual core pa din.

  15. Features and functions of Samsung Galaxy R is same Samsung Galaxy S II. Galaxy R designed in 5-megapixel camera. The important feature of Samsunf Galaxy R is 7 side-scrollable panes, so that we can easily zoom in/out text and images.

  16. magdedecember na wala pa din, kakaasar…

  17. Im here in Doha and just recently bought the Galaxy R and so far its smooth sailing, but have to note this, when you look at the 8gig internal memory of the phone you will only see aroung 3.75gig remaining coz the default applications ate up all the memories… plus i having a hard time looking for a suitable external card for the phone coz it does not read the memory card from my nokia phone :) the galaxy r price here in Doha is 1600riyal multiply by 12pesos, its around 19thou pesos, a lot cheaper than the pricing there in manila :)

  18. Galaxy R is already here in the Philippine. I spotted it at SM Megamall in Cyberzone. SRP is 23,900


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