Samsung Galaxy S5 meets the Barrett M107A1

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has always been regarded as a toughie thanks to its resistance against water, shock and minor scratches. But these things are nothing compared what Richard Ryan aka the “Tech Assassin” did to Sammy’s flagship handset.

Screengrab from RatedRR’s video

Richard started out by giving us a quick overview of his gorgeous rifle and the Samsung Galaxy S5. He then proceeded to see if there’s any truth about its nature-ready features by dropping the phone from shoulder-height to a block of concrete and dropping it in an aquarium filled with water.

For the finale, he loaded his Barrett M107A1 with a .50-caliber round and aimed straightly at the Galaxy S5. And just like in all of his videos, Richard got all the gory details in slow-motion which is both excruciating (if you’re a handset lover) and fun to watch.

Well, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t that tough after all, that and the other devices (like Google Glass 2.0 and the iPhone 5S) that suffered the same fate in the hands of the Tech Assassin. If you like to see more devices being devastated, you can check out Richard Ryan’s YouTube Channel in the link provided.

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  1. one of the best(if not the best)snipe rifle in the world =))

  2. eric jay

    kawawang s5.

  3. Roland Savellano

    Durog ang S5… Sayang.. :(

  4. Drop tests, in my opinion, are quite informative. That being said, I believe Richard should have used 2 different phones (one for the drop test and the other for the water drop test). After all, you can’t expect the device to still be waterproof after going through the initial drop test.

  5. As you can see on the “drop test” that the cover was removed. So it should be expected that it will also happen when it was dropped in the water container. Because of the deceleration due to the water and the height where it was dropped which is lower than the first drop test, the cover was not removed but may have left some opening due to the drop. Water resistant test should not have the unit dropped. Just my opinion. :D

  6. testUser

    okay lang na parehas na phone ginamit sa drop test at water test. kunware nasa gilid ka ng pool.. an nabagsak mo nga phone mo, sa ground muna bumagsak tapos tumalbog papuntang tubig..


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