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June 08, 2013

Samsung & HTC holds a Twitter fight, LG goes neutral

The tension between HTC & Samsung has been very high lately, and recently, it looks like they needed to release it… through a few words on Twitter.


HTC is having quite a success with the One so far, but it is facing internal problems as their employees & executives are leaving the company. On the other hand, Samsung may still have the success with the Galaxy S4, but apparently their sales are slowing down which causes their stock to face a few problems.

After trading a few blows, for some reason, LG swoops in telling them to calm down.

It’s quite funny and relaxing to see how these companies stoop down to such level because of their Android rivalry. Anyway, we can’t really blame them – it’s just competition.


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22 Responses to “Samsung & HTC holds a Twitter fight, LG goes neutral”

  1. juan says:

    HTC, nakakahiya kayo :(

  2. Tss says:

    Gawa gawa din ng sariling article pag may time :)

    • Hahaha says:

      tama! Hahaha! Mabilis pa sa pagong makapagrevise ng article. Nagaantay lang ng gawa ng iba. Walang originality.

    • ronjiedotcom
      Twitter: ronjiedotcom

      haha. two skills ni freking: stupid opinion column / commentary or copycat reporting. but actually, sa “reporting” lang siya magaling, kopya nga lang.

    • Naks says:

      Huwag magbasa kung ayaw. Sulat na lang kyo kung gusto nyo.

    • Radley says:

      Hahaha parang yun mga newspapers na nangongopya sa reuters tapos pina-publish nila sa baba ng article na galing reuters katulad nun nasa taas na may nakalagay na link sa ibaba nun source, no? Nakakatawa talaga kayong lahat. BLOG ito! IDIOTS! Kahit ang Engadget, Gizmodo, at Verge nangongopya pero may link katulad nun nasa taas. Sari saring kabobohan ang pinapakita nyo ah. Kakahiya

    • tss says:

      @radley Kapag blog sites copy paste articles agad? Di ba pwedeng gagawa din ng sariling article? Look who’s the real idiot. Kapatid ka ni freking no? Or ikaw mismo si freking hahaha!

      Ang issue dito kahit maliit na bagay lang kokopya pa din. Wala siguro magawa sa buhay tong author na to kaya sobra kung makakopya hahaha!

    • Radley says:


      Ang mga news org ay copy and paste sa Reuters, bobo! Who is the real idiot? Ikaw!

      Basahin mo itong link sa babang IDIOT ka!

      Basic lang ie-explain ko syo:

      Sa Twitter pwede kang mag-retweet. Micro-BLOGGING site ang Twitter. Blog! Copy and Paste!

      Besides, I wouldn’t know that the above mentioned HTC and Samsung Twitter fight existed if it is not for this website. So obviously, nagre-research ng ayos yun writer. I don’t give a flying f*ck if he copied it from wherever the hell he copied it from as long as he provides the link. Wag kang magmarunong masyado! BOBO!

    • Tss says:

      Galit na galit na di bob! :( wag kang iiyak :( ang hina mo umintindi eh :( hindi namin sinasabing illegal ang ginagawa mo hunghang! Nakikita namin ang link ng sources mo. Ang sinasabi namin kumokopya ka lang palagi sa ibang tech sites at nirerevise mo lang! Hindi mo ba kayang gumawa ng sarili mong article? Ikaw ang bobo! Hahahahaha!

      Walang iyakan ha :)

    • dante says:

      If I were to see you in real life, I’ll put a bullet on your head so that you can put your shit altogether. If you only know, news is always passed on wherever you are.

      Anyway, here’s a song for you…a song that attacks your mental cancer:

    • Radley says:

      wala naman palang masama na mangopya eh ano ang pinaglalaban mo jan? bobo, so nagrereply ako sa katangahan mo iniisip mo na ako yun writer nito? eh di isipin mo, puro ka assumptions na tanga ka!

      so nasabi mo na ang point mo na nangopya si bob, aba’y itulog mo na yan at di ko na alam kung gaano kadaming tulog na ang nawala sa gabi mo. wag mong basahing tanga ka at napapaghalata ang katangahan mo.

      at malay mo yun ang pinapagawa sa kanya ng may-ari ng site na ito, so titirahin mo agad na bobo ka?!

    • indiot says:

      hahahah! hey, you! what the fuck is wrong with you!

      putang ina mo, kung talagang ayaw mo sa article ni bob edi wag kang magbasa. sa totoo lang, mas may utak pa yung mga taong mentally retarded kaysa sayo. mukhang may diperensya ka yata sa pag-iisip eh. mental cancer hijacks your brain!

      para masaya, gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong bullshit blog kung saan lahat ng articles tungkol sa araw-araw mong pagjajakol. magpakasawa kang gumawa ng posts mo dun tungkol sa araw-araw mong pagkakajakol!

      sa bagay, dyan ka lang naman magaling: sa pagjajakol!

    • indiot says:

      nasan ka ngayon? hindi ka makaisip ng i-rereply kasi halatang barado ka na eh. tanggapin mo na lang na may diperensya ka sa pag-iisip at walang gamot ang makakagamot dyan. walang iyakan ha, kasi hindi ka na makakaiyak dahil papaslangin na kita. goodbye fucktard!

  3. tikba says:

    natawa ako sa LG. haha.

  4. custom-err says:

    HTC and Samsung bashing each other on twitter is so immature. Taking immaturity on a greater scale.
    At the end of the day, these companies don’t give a damn about us; they only care about money!

  5. tmcr7 says:

    LG Twitter staff should be admired for acting as peace-makers. Hard to find their kind on the internet these days. :)

  6. wandermantwothousand says:

    imo, it’s just the internet people in general taking way too seriously some “friendly” spat that these companies have.. internet sure is serious business..

  7. Zo says:

    Seriously, are we going to elevate this issue and call it immaturity? Cmon guys, its just competitive banter between two giants. Problem is, most filipinos are too sensitive for their own good and dont realize in other countries this is just perfectly fine.

    At the very least it’s actually entertaining to see these two giants going at it. Notice they didnt bring in the fray the other players in the industry, does this mean they dont see the others as a threat? Lol. Sit back and have fun, i say. :))

    • custom-err says:

      Seriously, what they’ve done here is immature because they did those tweets just because of a freaking smartphone. Bashing each other on public? That’s immaturity. Same thing when Microsoft and Google bashed each other and when Nokia bashed Samsung on Twitter. For goodness sake, a fight caused by a simple or small thing is called “immaturity”, got it? Even if it’s just there to entertain customers like us, it’s still immature to bash someone publicly. If you were to bash someone, avoid doing it publicly and never do it the way how the Barretto family did it. If those two companies are real professionals, they should act professional, not a giggling high school girl!

      Good thing those people at LG know how to be peacemakers.

  8. Erich says:

    Zo: You have read my mind and I agree with you. Love live HTC and well played LG.

  9. Erich says:

    Zo: You have read my mind and I agree with you. Long live HTC and well played LG.

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