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January 06, 2011

Samsung Infuse 4G w/ Super AMOLED Plus

And when we all thought the 4-inch Google Nexus S is the Android smartphone to beat, Samsung and AT&T are all set to reveal the Samsung i997 Infuse 4G packing a large 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

The Samsung i997 Infuse 4G will still be locked to AT&T but we should be seeing an international version (probably a Samsung Galaxy variant considering it inherited the looks of the Galaxy S). The handset will run on a Hummingbird CPU at 1.2GHz and Android 2.2 Froyo.

The 8MP camera could be the same great optics we’ve seen on the Galaxy S plus a second front-facing camera is rated at 1.3MP (there’s no indication Samsung now included an LED flash on the unit though). The Super AMOLED Plus display is something new and supposed to provide better screen clarity and contrast. More on this once we get the official details.

23 Responses to “Samsung Infuse 4G w/ Super AMOLED Plus”

  1. NemOry
    Twitter: NemOry

    This could compete to HTC HD, they have both big screen, maybe this unit above is much bigger.

  2. NemOry
    Twitter: NemOry

    but sorry to say I dont like the design, I’m more appreciated if the width is a little closer to the height. Like HTC HD.

  3. Pedro says:

    looks old…

  4. NemOry
    Twitter: NemOry

    Yah looks like old. But we can’t judge the cover. We dont know if it gets out already we would like it.hehe

  5. wilde says:

    4.5″ seems an odd size.

  6. SE at last says:

    don’t be hating guys, i think this phones weapon is its Super AMOLED Plus display not its size.

    and yeah the 4G

  7. NemOry
    Twitter: NemOry

    @SE at Last, you’re right man. That is it’s power the 4G And the 4.5..just the design I dont like that much..but if I’m gonna have this kind of phone it would be perfect anyway because I can’t afford anything like that.

  8. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    I would be cool though if we would have a true 4G network here that could support this phone’s features. I’m not familiar with all our networks, so is there a TRUE 4G network in our country? Is Wi-tribe true 4G? Like the 4G networks in the USA that need to meet the 4G standards set by their telecommunications commission?

  9. ralph says:

    4G Download speed is 100mbps

  10. rommel
    Twitter: zoul1380

    i want one!

  11. rommel
    Twitter: zoul1380

    this is really nice.. i want one,

  12. realjarley
    Twitter: realjarley

    The galaxy s is evolving…..

    2011 is the year for smartphones.

  13. Lexty says:


    have you checked LG Optimus Black? for me its much better than this samsung infuse.

  14. vince says:

    the specs was good…the design NO!

  15. csseyah
    Twitter: goodfilipino

    sana pag nandito na yan sa pinas, abot kaya ang halaga.

  16. hilo says:

    nakakahilo ang mga grammar ng iba grabe, mag-tagalog nalang kayo, mas ok pa, thanks and peace to all! :)

  17. Straw Hat Luffy
    Twitter: january14n

    old school design, definitely i like those stuffs that are plain and simple but powerful.

  18. hilo-rin says:


    pansin mo yun? ako rin… @_@, grabe pasikot sikot ng grammar nila…

    on topic: oh well hirap na naman mag decide kung ano ang dapat piliin( sa mga bibili ng bago/magpapalit ng bago)

    @yuga pa review ulit ng dell streak… kung pwede lang… ^ ^ kasi im planning to buy this month a new smartphone, 1st choice ko sya sa mga list ng pinagpipilian ko… Thanks yuga in advance kung sakali…

  19. lupita says:

    as if kaya magprovide ng 4G speed ng mga telco dito. kung 3G nga pahirapan pa eh

  20. Rialyn says:

    how much is dat?
    i like it.

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