Samsung Spica vs. X10 Mini vs. HTC Legend

We did a quick comparison of the top Android smartphones of three handset manufacturers last month (Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC) and I thought might as well do the same with their mid-class handsets.

The same 3 handset-makers have their mid-range models available locally this month — the Samsung Spica i5700, the HTC Legend and the Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini.

Here’s the chart comparing their specs side by side:

The indicated prices above are SRP so they actually vary from store to store but for the sake of this comparison, the recommended retail price is a good starting point.

Samsung and HTC (Desire vs. Galaxy S) had it neck-in-neck in the round-up of their flagship smartphones. In the mid-class category, Samsung’s Android phone is a clear winner in the price positioning although it lacks a few features compared to the others. The X10 Mini has a good price-specs combination and could steal the spotlight while the Legend is so way up there for a lot of people to be reachable.

Again, design and build is another story altogether and can be very subjective.

So, which of the 3 Android smartphones is a winner for you?

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  1. geo77

    I got a bnew HTC Wildfire for sale.. For anyone who’s interested – 0918-9123980

  2. I was really happy i got the spica over all the android phones. really Value for money

  3. hannibal

    Legend is better than other phones best phone ur money worth it

  4. @geo77

    where did you get your wildfire? Is it already available in our country?


    Over the three, the LEGEND is the best value for your money. The unibody aluminum casing alone did it for me. Strength, sleek beauty and sensible use that how I see this HTC unit.

    The SE and Samsung units are just too plasticky and difficult to navigate for me.

  6. hi i need your opinion pls:

    im confused if i should get the Spica. is it on 2.1 now? and it doesnt have a radio and a secondary camera too. what other model is out there? not too pricey though. im also wondering if the galaxy 3 (apollo) is here in the phils now. and where can we buy the unit? thanks and more power


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