Samsung to launch a Galaxy XCover 2

SamMobile reported that Samsung may have something to announce in the upcoming Mobile World Congress that will surely delight outdoorsmen. It ain’t gonna be pretty, but it sure is tough.

Galaxy XCover2

The rugged handset goes by the name of Galaxy XCover 2 (GT-S7110). It’s slated to be the successor of the first XCover that the South Korean firm launched at the latter part of 2011.

This IP67-certified smartphone is said to better than its predecessor in almost every aspect; from the screen size, down to the processor. Here’s a look at both phones specs to highlight the advancements that Galaxy XCover 2 brings to the table.


The upcoming Galaxy XCover 2 isn’t exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to specs, but it provides substantial upgrade from its predecessor which should be more than enough to cover for your basic smartphone needs when you’re out in the wild.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but there’s a good chance that we’ll see more info about this device as we inch closer to MWC 2013.


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  1. Parang baligtad yung table?

    • Baligtad nga, lol.

      Phone has a lot of potential to be a good budget phone, huwag lang sana magmahal dahil “rugged” daw siya. Still think that the screen will crack easily when it falls xD

    • Thorbjørn

      You’re right about the screen cracking easily.
      I’ve had mine for, oh 1 month, and the screen cracked when it fell out of my pocket onto a stone floor front first.

      My reasoning for buying a 148g rugged phone with mid-range specs for good money was so I wouldn’t have to add additional weight and volume to my phone in the first place just to ensure it’s longevity.

      However, the achillies heel is the glass and if you want yours to last, you should put a cover on the phone (a simple screen protector probably won’t do).

  2. sana maging available dito sa pilipinas yan, yung galaxy xcover(1) at maging ang ibang xcover (bar type)wala eh,

    • Krystel

      my phone is galaxy xcover.okey lang naman.about sa price,mom bought it in sweden for 10k php lang..then now, discounted na daw.7k seguro naman around that price lang pagdating sa pinas.hmmp.hopefully.

  3. It seems that MWC 2013 will be very interesting and I am pretty sure that Samsung prepares other surprises, too

  4. If the main camera is 8mp may be xcover will be the best outdoor smartphone in market

  5. Arnel Rala

    Is this already available? Where?


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