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September 24, 2012

Samsung to unveil Pink variant of SGS3

Last month we’ve reported that Samsung will be releasing other color variant of the Galaxy SIII, apparently they’re not yet done expanding as they’ll add another variant, this time it’s pink.

This will certainly win the hearts of Tech-savvy Kikays, but they’ll have to wait a little while to get their hands on this as the South Korean tech giant will only be releasing the Pink SGSIII exclusively in their homeland starting next week.

The Pink SGS3’s Korea-only availability shouldn’t be too much of a problem though because for sure it won’t take long before local online retailers start adding this girly variant to their offerings.


4 Responses to “Samsung to unveil Pink variant of SGS3”

  1. annedroid says:

    this is what they called GAYlaxy S3. :D

  2. abby says:

    couldn’t they at least have it in basic black??

  3. Nikko says:

    Releasing so many colors, and colors such as this, makes their phone, and the brand, look cheap. Yuck.

  4. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    My korean students might have one by the time they come back from Seoul…later this month.

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