Sciphone goes for Android Dream 2

Maybe this is what Google wanted all along — for every small-time phone manufacturer not to worry about their mobile OS. China-based Schiphone is said to be coming up with Android Dream 2 soon.

The Sciphone Dream G2 will run Android Home edition V1.0, and will come with GSM/EDGE support, up to 16GB memory on microSD. Smaller than the G1, the G2 has a 2.8-inch displayscreeb, WiFi, FM tuner, but no 3G {via}. Has this weird 4MP camera.

Pre-installed apps include Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube applications. The G2 could be the 2nd phone to run the venerable Google Android OS. The G2 will be priced at US$174 or Php8,500 when it ships out in a couple of weeks.

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  1. phitski
    Twitter: iamphitsfour

    wow android phones invading us!lol.. its their time:)is this phone also a open source?

  2. Good-bye Windows CE?

  3. Hopefully, it reaches Philippine soil with the same price tag.

  4. will it ever land on Philippine soil? still nice features even without 3g.

  5. This sciphone is a better replica and I hope all of the clones have an Android OS.


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