Sharp Aquos SH930W with 1080p display lands for Php19k

A couple of weeks ago, Sharp launched a number of handsets in the Philippines. The flagship unit is this Sharp SH930W Aquos phone that sports a full HD 1080p display, the first one in the Philippines.

Sharp has only recently entered the mobile phone market in the Philippines but they’re heavily banking on their strength in the display technology (Sharp IGZO display). They are probably the first one to actually ship a full HD 1080p smartphone in the Philippines (Sharp SH930W Aquos phone).

Although the screen size is already at 5 inches, the entire body of the handset is actually almost the same size as the Galaxy S3. Actually, even the shape and curves of the Aquos SH930W is very similar to the S3 (with a bit of inspiration from the One X) and in some instances we find the Sharp handset thinner and a bit sexier.

The display is impressive and you will definitely notice this when you play full HD videos or view a full resolution photo. I thought they could have made the screen brightness a notch or two higher though. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty sexy-looking handset.

Though it’s a minor thing, we noticed that Sharp is an eager-beaver when it comes to branding. There’s a huge and very visible “Aquos Phone” label up at the front and another fairly large Sharp logo at the back.

The hardware specification is pretty good, not really a quad-core phone but still a dual-core Krait. And yes, it comes with Jellybean right out of the box.

Sharp SH930W Aquos specs:
5″ Sharp IGZO display, full HD 1080p @ 1920×1080 pixels, 440ppi
Qualcomm 8260A Krait 1.5GHz dual-core
Adreno 225 Graphics
32GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP rear camera, LED flash
1080p video recording @ 30fps
2MP front-facing camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
Android 4.1.1 Jellybean
Li-Ion 2100mAh battery

Suggested retail price of the SH930W is Php19,990 and is now available in stores across Metro Manila.

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  1. pwede na sana to kung 15k php. mataas sa 19.9kphp.

    better pa LG Nexus 4 sa 21k.

    • SRP of Nexus 4 is Php24,990. Street price is around Php21k. SRP of SH930W is 19k, so street price could be lower.

  2. The big white branding reminded me of another local brand. It could have been smaller. But the specs is really good for its price :)

  3. sana “Aquos” na lang nilagay, wala na ung “Phone”

    aay, hindi sya dual sim. saw the previous Sharp phone, too big. looking for a dual sim phone with nice camera and screen for my mom. sana may dual sim version nito.

  4. Nice! I just hope that the street price may be a lot cheaper, para i can consider this phone!! :)

  5. quick brown fox

    1080p + IGZO display. Dayum!

    Kung S4 pro sana tapos iniangat nila ang price to 24k-ish, kahit ata sa gitna ng 2013 eh isa sa top contender padin to. Hay, sarap mangarap…

  6. ferdinand marte

    Sana magkaroon na rin ng 2GB or higher ang CM.

  7. That “Aquos Phone” logo will keep me from buying this one, it’s an eyesore for me. Seriously.

  8. Can you please review it? Also make a camera sample. Pictures and videos. THANKS

  9. Angelo Mar

    OK!!! Finally! A nice looking handset from a non kimchi eater!!! I’d take a Sharp TV over sammy every single time! Why should I support ppl who come to the Philippines and act like super jerks ? No kimchi boys! You won’t get my money!

    And:-) wtf! Apple is famous for their pricing. Samy should be much cheaper. Sammy is taking advantage of you!

    I can’t wait to see this new offering from Sharp!

    Every Sony product I’ve ever had has broken. Great inovators, but low durability. Sharp isp better!

    • Why hate Koreans that much? All countries share the agony of having jerk/stupid/racist/elitist population like what you are now. If you prefer non-Korean products so be it. Just don’t be a freaking racist jerk, you’re becoming the person that you’re hating.

    • anti-racist jerk

      hindi lahat ng koreans or any race in general ay racist jerks na katulad mo!

    • Ex-Alodian Knight

      Nuthin wrong with them Koreans. For me I like their pretty pop girls, but their business practices on their leading smartphone brands are not what I like. I mean c’mon, we all know SameSung copied… Apple (which was also the brand I loathe).

      So yeah, it’s time we all go Xperience something amazing like the Xperia Z or even the Aquos Phone. I can’t wait what sharp has in store.

    • @Angelo Mar: You talk about how you dislike Koreans and would prefer Japanese-made phones over Korean-made. Yet you contradict yourself by saying that “Every Sony (Japanese) product I’ve ever had has broken.”

      What the heck, dude? Are you on drugs? Or do you just want to spend for stuff that easily break?

    • jose procopio

      galit ka lang kasi natalo nang gangnam style ung video ng idol mong si justin bieber eh… asussss.. chumechenelin ka pa dyan… haha

  10. juandroid

    meh, sana ginawang dual sim…

  11. Ha! Adreno 225, masyadong mababa for its screen size. Di nito kaya yung mga 3D games for its resolution.

  12. ohh sharp is introducing it’s mobile phones outside japan na pala

  13. sana yung clamshell android phones na water proof naman.. hahahaa

  14. Kamusta kaya ang O.S. update nito? This phone is so much capable with its 2GB of RAM plus the internal storage of 32GB. I hope they make good with the updates at huwag tumulad kay LG. Well, we could all just make a wish for it.

  15. saan ito mabibili????

  16. jose procopio

    ang s3 halos 24k nalang.. tapos nagstart sa android 4.0.4, 4.1.1 tapos ngayon 4.1.2.. eh ito kaya?? ilang update kaya aabutin neto hanggang mapalitan?? never??? kamusta kaya updates nang mga lg phones?? bukod sa nexus 4 syempre ano?? nganga… kay iphone ano major update mula nung unang iphone?? nganga.. siri?? app lang na binili tapos ginawa nilang part ng os.. amazing?? nganga.. apple kinakain ang sariling sinabi.. 3.5 pala perfect size nung sa s2 4.2 ah.. nganga..

  17. The specs is really awesome, mas advantageous pa siya sa note ko. I hope open na siya sa cebu, or can oder it online.

  18. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for good

  19. cambraza

    wala ba kayong alam na forum ng firmware nito.. meron akong ganto kabibili ko lang.. kaso nung ni root ko.. my napawi yata ako.. bumagal bigla.. kelanga ko lang ng firmware.. pls.. tnx for help

  20. guys may frimware kayo ng sh930w?


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