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June 22, 2011

Sony Ericsson outs Xperia Ray, Active

I was looking for the Sony Ericsson booth at the CommunicAsia earlier today but could not find it (some of our media friends were also flew in by SE there so I thought they must have something important to announce). Looks like it’s a couple of Android smartphones — the Xperia Ray and Xperia Active.

The new Xperia line-up didn’t have the one with the picture that was leaked a couple of days back (that dual-core SE Xperia Duo). We can’t even say that the Xperia Ray is an upgrade to the recently released Xperia Arc but they are more like filling some gaps {via}.

The Xperia Ray is a 3.3-inch handset with 8MP camera while the Xperia Active runs a 1GHz SnapDragon CPU and a smaller 3.0-inch screen with a low resolution of 480×320 pixels. Nothing biggie actually but an interesting handsets nonetheless.

21 Responses to “Sony Ericsson outs Xperia Ray, Active”

  1. sonny says:

    xperia active has the sporty look maybe that’s why its called active

  2. Jhoms says:

    wala pa bang price?

  3. HTC says:

    lame …. zZzZZZzzzz

  4. asyong says:


  5. Pipo
    Twitter: pipodelrosario

    Why drop out SE Txt, Abe?

  6. Xperia Ray looks so elegant but the screen size is a dealbreaker.

  7. mga magkano kaya to???

  8. onggp
    Twitter: Gregory

    Niche market phones. But nice, nonetheless. Might not please those with inferiority complexes (and there’s a lot of them here!) but these phone do serve their primary purposes (text and call).

  9. Nobie says:

    Xperia Active is dust-proof and shock resistant. It could detect touch inputs even with sweaty hands. It’s ideal for people who like to work out and get their hands all wet.

  10. Cristall says:

    will wait for experia active. hopefully its not too expensive and has a good battery life. my iphone 4.1 with baseband 2.10.04 has no available unlock yet. too bad, im using it as ipod. well, maye experia active is the one ive been waiting. ;)

  11. marcs says:

    The Xperia Active looks sweet. I’m using my Xperia X10 Mini Pro whenever I run or bike (Adidas MiCoah or SportyPal Pro to track stuff), and am always worried about destroying it, so it ends up buried in my pack away from the elements.

    Having a phone that can take this much abuse is perfect for me. Any idea how much it will cost? Or when it will come out?

  12. Nico says:

    I have this particular interest with the Xperia Active. Its lower resolution will definitely allocate faster phone operation(thus, better usability) compare with other 1ghz single-core gingerbread android phones with higher-resolutions(those with ~480×800 ones).

    Announced having an actual dust-proof/waterproof factor backed with standard IP67 certification, it may sure be creating a better buzz than Motorola Defy.

    But even having these features it doesn’t imply immediately that it will be an overall durable phone. Sony Ericsson is quite notorious on having pseudo-chrome-coated plastic parts for its products.

  13. desiree says:

    how much does an experia ray costs? i super duper lurveee it!

  14. jasonX says:

    i’m currently using my xperia mini pro and little bit worried about its sliding feature…sometimes it creates hunging and rattling…hope xperia ray is not because i like the model…please let me know the price….xxx

  15. iambrightflame says:

    Anybody who knows the price for the ray? i tried to call one of the few cellphone store owners and they said that it’s not yet officially released here in the Phil. It will be available November? Anybody? I also search online and some online folks sell it ranges from 20-22k and it’s not NTC certified.

  16. youreananiman says:

    Anybody who knows the price for the experia ray phone and to where i can buy it?

  17. sieugeneako says:

    magkano po ung active? pde mag trade? ray ko sa active :)

  18. Cassey says:

    Hi ask ko sana SE X Active kung included sa box yung Sony Bluetooth Smart Watch??

  19. amor
    Twitter: amorbana17

    ask ko lang , how much SE xperia Ray ngayon (JUNE 2012)

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