Sony Ericsson XPeria X1 Price: Php42,500

In an email by Sony Ericsson today, the new Sony Ericsson XPeria X1 phone will be coming out to the public tomorrow in stores but people who made early reservations are supposed to get their own units today. The retail price — a cool Php42,500.

It took a while for Sony Ericsson to finally release the suggested retail price as there have been huge fluctuations in peso-dollar exchange rates in the past several weeks.

To those who made early reservations, you may proceed to the Sony Ericsson shop you selected during registration.


See more unboxing photos here and our review of the XPeria X1 here.

Looking pretty expensive? Here are some of the other top phones to compare it with:

  • Nokia 8800 Sapphire – Php56,500
  • HTC Touch HD – Php55,900
  • HTC Touch Pro – Php51,200
  • Nokia 8800 Arte – Php47,500
  • iPhone 3G 16GB – Php43,799
  • HTC Touch Diamond – Php41,800
  • Samsung Omnia – Php38,000
  • Nokia N96 – Php37,850
  • iPhone 3G 8GB – Php37,599
  • Nokia E90 – Php35,500

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  1. dj_demonyito

    ouch! i don’t know, but with that cash, i’ll rather buy a phone in the likes of Nokia E71 and a decent netbook. well, just my opinion… ;-)

  2. James Collins

    ouch! i don’t know, but with that cash, i’ll rather buy a phone in the likes of Nokia E71 and a decent netbook. well, just my opinion… ;-)

    DJ – That is exactly (like really) what i have in mind! same E71 phone and a decent netbook! HAHAHA

  3. Whoah! I suppose my father would have second thoughts about getting this phone this Christmas now that it carries that price tag. ;)

  4. Wow! Isn’t that a bit too much?

    That’s already a Thinkpad R-Series, brand new.

    or two Neo Basic laptops. :)

    or 4 Blue H1 Netbooks.

    or 3 Acer Aspire Ones.


    But yeah, Sony Ericsson is Sony Ericsson.

  5. Got the same text message. I sent my regrets though – it’s too expensive for that phone. I’d rather get 2 blackberry phones! haha

  6. Oriental Artemis

    DJ and James> And that’s exactly what I did. ;) I reserved an XPERIA X1 as well, but as soon as I caught wind that that it will be in the 45K range, I chose to go the other route. And it’s been worth it.

  7. Pretty expensive, but i still want it :)

  8. Never a fan of SE.

  9. hmm.. for my debut, my dad’s askin me if what phone i would like, is this xperia good? i mean, is it not to complicated?

  10. sony ericsson is sony ericsson.

    thus, that price tag. the key is not to such a jerk with the sole objective of “being the first to own it!”

    the key is to wait. wait for the right time when you can actually afford the phone, while it still hasn’t lost its “glamour” in owning one just yet. 2 or 3 months maybe?

    and you don’t just “want” an expensive, full-featured business phone just like that. operative word: business.

    i just got my Xperia this morning.

  11. i got my xperia this morning..hehehe

  12. @jynx

    Good for you! I’m thinking of getting one for my birthday. Where did you buy yours and how much did it cost you?

  13. bwahhhhhhh

  14. i love this phone and i was looking for a phone a bit like this but when i saw this phone i knew this was the one for me. this phone is a lot more then what i was looking for a i love it. i know this is a good phone that coast a hell of a lot of money but i will get this after christmas for myself.

  15. Ouch! price tag for that device with so much flaws!? crack ang build quality issues? what a hell! youre jst wasting your money.


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