Sorry, no iPhone-like Nokia device

There were a lot of reactions from the crowd when Nokia showed their video presentation about the future of UI in the mobile phones. Before any of the new phones were introduced, the video showed a familiar picture of a full screen, touch screen Nokia phone.

See a copy of the video here:

I cleared this up with the Nokia execs early this morning during the Press Meetings. I told them a lot of people have reacted to the video more than any of the other key announcements.

The truth is, there’s no specific iPhone-like Nokia device that will be released anytime soon. Not even next year. However, they clarified that the video was alluding to the future roadmap in the UI. The Nokia 5610 has a dedicated slider for navigating photos and music library but it’s a physical feature and not via touch screen. The N81 8GB can be flipped horizontally when playing N-Gage along with the dedicated game buttons. The Nokia 330 and 500 Auto Navigation are touch screen personal navigation devices.

However, no single specific Nokia device has all these features (iPhone-like). The Nokia execs added that they still believe that the set of features will vary depending on the market segment and they will cater to each segment differently.

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  1. A mystery manufacturer just ordered 8 million touch screen from the same company that supplies iPhone screen. I think this is Nokia.

  2. It could be for the Nokia 500 and 330 touchscreen personal navigation devices.

  3. Who needs 8 million PNDs?

  4. My interviews with the Nokia execs revealed they’re equating car sales as an indicator to PND demand. They gave the same paradigm in the growth of cassette tapes and CDs parallel to the sales growth of cars having these devices.

  5. Abe, there are more competition in the PND market for Nokia. From China Japan and especially Korea. Some of these devices can do more things than the Nokia N95. It’ll be interesting if Nokia goes full force in this market. But my guess is they are going after iPhone.

  6. I also asked about that mystery order and they flatly denied it. They use a different touchscreen supplier.

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  8. that’s sad…

    I am looking forward to it…

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