Monday, June 9th, 2014
The CAT B15 is one tough phone, has WFT, and runs Android

The CAT B15 is one tough phone, has WFT, and runs Android

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Heavy machinery expert Caterpillar makes the CAT B15 — an Android smartphone and wraps it up with tough protection. It boasts falling from high drops without any damage, is waterproof, and has wet finger tracking.


CAT B15 specs:
4-inch WVGA capacitive display @ 800 x 480 screen resolution
Gorilla Glass display
1GHz dual-core processor
4GB storage (expandable to 32GB via microSD)
5MP rear, VGA front cameras
GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
2000mAh battery
170 grams
Dual-SIM capable
Android Jelly Bean

On paper, it looks just like another feature phone with its “okay” specs. But since this is Caterpillar we’re talking about, they had to live up to their name of tough machinery somehow, right? That’s why they decided to target this smartphone to active people and made it really rugged without sacrificing functionality.


The CAT B15 is IP67-certified making it waterproof for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and impervious to dust. It has also undergone military standard 810G which, if you’re unfamiliar, is a series of tests done to the device to try out how its protective material would hold up against stress during its operational lifetime.


The dual-SIM CAT B15 has been made to withstand shock and drop up to 1.8 meters, high temperature, and category 4 vibration. Lastly, it has WFT or wet finger tracking so users can still use it even underwater or out in the rain.


In addition, the CAT B14 runs fully on Jelly Bean so you could download and enjoy all the Android goodness from Google Play. Are you or do you know anyone who’s clumsy enough to need this kind of phone?


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  1. How the hell is an android phone a feature phone?

  2. lol, hardware na 3k php spec. dagdagan naten ng 1k para sa gorilla glass. extra 2k para design, ip67, 810g, etc. parang mas mahal pa sa halaga ng phone babayaran mo para sa brand ng CAT, lol.

  3. Freeje

    What? It has WTF and wet fingers!? Must be madaeffing good!

  4. rdgarcia

    Is it going to be here in PH

  5. Benchmark

    Parang you will be paying for the brand name and the hard case of the phone with such specs…though its nice to have that What the F err WFT thing.

    And for the magical question…how much? 15k perhaps?

  6. How much memory left from 4GB after the pre installed Apps is everyone’s guess. Also the 512 MB RAM to run Android and internet is not enough IMO. The phone looks well built though.

  7. cranium

    NOKIA 3310 – ’nuff said

  8. archie

    For field engineers and contruction workers ang design pero panghipster ang price.

  9. Justin

    I lost interest when I saw the “512MB RAM”.

  10. Typical

    for that specs CAT should make this really shatterproof etc, kasi sigurado ibabalibag mo sa pader yan sa sobrang bagal…

  11. Vincent Pogi

    Saw this phone in UAE last month. They are selling it for 1599 AED, more than 19k converted to peso.


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