Top 5 Symbian Smartphones in History

As we bid farewell to the once great platform, we look back at 5 Symbian handsets which showcased the platform’s versatility and technological advancements at that time. So sit tight ‘cause we’re here to take you for a nostalgic ride.

During its reign in the mobile platform world, there were a lot of note-worthy Symbian handsets that caught our attention and our hard-earned money. And while most of these smartphones possessed great all-around features, some handsets stood out among the pack because it excelled in a certain aspect.

nokia n-gage qd

Nokia N-Gage QD (Gaming) – This game-and-watch-looking handset is the successor to the first N-Gage handset released back in 2003. And while it wasn’t as successful as the Finnish company hoped it’ll be (mainly because of insufficient game titles), it proved to the world that decent gaming on a smartphone is possible given the right tools.

Nokia PureView 808

Nokia PureView 808 (Imaging) – The last of its kind, the Nokia PureView 808 is the culmination of Nokia’s years of expertise in the imaging aspect of the smartphone. But because the phone was released during the time when Symbian’s era is coming to a close, the phone didn’t appeal that much to consumers. Still, this handset will go down in history as the first smartphone to feature a 40+MP sensor.

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 (Communication) – The combination of a sizeable touchscreen display and QWERTY keyboard could’ve made this handset a viable option for BlackBerry phones. But sadly, just like the Pureview 808, the Nokia E7 was released at the time when Symbian days were numbered, making it a tough buy for consumers.

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5800 (Audio) – Other than camera, Nokia was also known in the past for their handsets with superb sound quality. Topping our list is the high-end of the three XpresMusic phones, the 5800 which, as its product name implies, is made to deliver aural pleasure to its user.

Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony-Ericsson P990i (Display) – We wanted to include a non-Nokia handset that showcases the other form of Symbian and the first thing that came to mind is this dual-keyboard handset from the Sony-Ericsson’s stable. But more than anything else, the P990i made our list because it laid some of the foundation for touchscreen phones that we know and love today.

So that’s a wrap for our Symbian smartphone list, hope you guys enjoyed it. If you’re fortunate to have used (or still using) one of these handsets or other Jurassic Symbian handsets, we hope you can share your experience below.

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  1. Iyan Sommerset

    N6600 needs to be there. I’d say that was the first one that brought Symbian to the masses.

  2. CJ Roberto

    I still have my 5800 XpressMusic with me. :)

  3. gboydroid

    n70 all the wayyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Nokia 7650
    Age of camera phone feature

    • +1

      I really think it was the 7650 that put the spotlight on camera phones and even mobile browsing :)

  5. my phone is nokia 5800 xpressmusic. regarding yung sa sinabi niyong maganda sa audio at camera, it is the first symbian phone na touchscreen. hanggang ngayon ginagamit ko pa din to. and to be honest, napalungkot ako sa balita noon na mawawala ang symbian.

  6. Rosenburg

    Bought N70 for 21k would you believe? N96, for 32k, 5800 for 20k. Now i realized why i spend so much with those phones.

  7. MrsHoeving

    My N70 is still working in good condition >_< pa18th bday pa yun ni father dear sakin mag 5yrs na this year, in fact it is my phone today while waiting for my new phone after magretire si 3GS ko..And I can say mas gusto ko gamitin pang txt si N70 kasi hindi ako natatakid kahit magtxt habang naglalakad…

  8. The pureview 808 is still the best in the camera phone category. Not even iPhone5 or Lumia 902 can beat it. Watch out the pureview is coming to the Lumia series.


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