Update: Nokia C2-00, X1-01 Dual SIM

So we finally got a definite answer from Nokia Philippines regarding their dual-SIM handsets. Both the Nokia C2-00 and the Nokia X1-01 will be locally available soon (as early as a June release I bet).

Had lunch today with their Corporate Communications Manager who showed me the two handsets working and running as expected. No reason was given as to why the very long delay.

The Nokia X1-01 is the music phone version of their dual-SIM line-up and will be priced just under Php2,500. The Nokia C2-00, which ahs a hot-swappable SIM tray, will retail for under Php3,500.

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  1. its june 3. today..mamaya punta ako sm , ill ask

    kung meron..

    I’m sure sasabihin. ” sir wala pa po ”

    question: ah may idea kayo kailan i release ?

    answer: ay sir wala po kaming idea eh , baka next week balik kayo. ( lahat ng stores ganyan ang sagot, bwisit )

  2. biznizdok

    June 17 launching daw… sa Nokia SM Mega mall

  3. biznizdok

    launching daw sa JUne 17… sa Nokia SM Mega mall

  4. Ritchie Blackmore

    I dropped by at Nokia Robinson’s Galleria. I was quoted by a lady that they’ll release the X1-01 come June 17. And the price will be at P1999. I’m not sure if that’s gonna be true.

  5. JKisaragi

    For a music phone, mahirap siguro gamitin ang X1-01 to transfer music files. Wala kasing USB port >_<

  6. Got the Nokia C1-00 already. And the Nokia X1-01 looks interesting. Dual-standby and a music player… battery life is just as good as the C1-00.. might be time to switch when this comes out. Gotta check the device’s build first, though.

  7. fr0stbyte

    Kita-kits na lang doon biznizdok. Haha. Gotta get this phone!

  8. SRP of these products has been released. Nokia C2-00 at P2,990 (!) and Nokia X1-01 at P1,990 (!!) Just watch out for it!

  9. Are these phones dual active? Thanks!

  10. ang tagal namang i-release.. gusto ko na bumili.. dali.. i release na. correct . c2-00 is 2,990 sabi ng girl sa nokia moa.

  11. Ritchie Blackmore

    Kaasar! Sabi ng Nokia Rob Gale sa June 17 daw. Pagbalik ko kahapon sabi sa June 18! Ano ba talaga?

  12. meron na po sa megamall ng x1-01, di nokia store, di ko napansin name ng store basta sa cyberzone mega, P1800 daw.. yung c2-00 wala pa daw..

  13. xyrizh

    ang mahal nmn ng c2-00 and x1.. hindi na po ba bababa yan?????

  14. I bought the Nokia X1-01 yesterday for P1,990 here at Ayala Center Cebu.

    Contrary to what others are saying, you don’t have to turn off the phone to switch to another SIM.

    BOTH NETWORKS are active, meaning, I can receive text messages from the two networks that I’m using (I’m using Globe and SUN).

  15. Is C2-00 available already? I went to Nokia store in SM City Sta. Rosa last wednesday, still not available.

    Muntik ko na bilhin yun X1-01 pero I’ll wait pa din sa C2-00 hopefully by tomorrow hehe :)

  16. where can we buy C2-00?

  17. cherry

    i want to buy c2-00 hope i could buy now,,,i really want it…

  18. Johnson

    Both dual sim phones are not worth your money. How can you say that it is dual stand by when the other sim can not receive calls if you are using the other sim. Plus signal is weak thereby causing battery to deplete very fast because the phone keeps scanning for signal.

    • zymesh

      thats why its call “Stand-by”. IM using one right now and both signals are at Full bars. Pretty decent for its cheap price.

  19. Zymesh

    Just got the X1-01 in Nokia store Greenhills for 1,950. When your on a call on Sim1, Sim2 will be disabled. Texting wont disable the sims, but sometimes the signal drops to zero on random sim and im not even using it. might be a bug?

    • Ash ng Cainta

      It’s not a bug. It’s just your logic. Of course, since you’re using a single device with 2 sim cards, when you get/make a call using sim 1, sim 2 is inactive.

      Now that may be a bug in your brain. :)

    • Zymesh

      “im not even using it.” was that hard to read. Did you even comprehend my post?

  20. @Zymesh: I second to that, signal disappears occasionally

  21. My X1-01 drops signal occasionally too. I also think that it was a bug too after changing the name of the SIMS. Therefore I restore factory settings and let the default name of the SIMS as SIM1 and SIM2, my X1-01 spent overnight without signal drops, or it drops but only for 3secs.

    This morning, thinking that I fixed the problem of my phone, I tried customizing the name of my SIMS again, and now my SIM1>GLOBE drops signals for about 30 seconds but my SIM2>SUN was always at full bar.

    I restore the default factory settings again but SIM1>GLOBE continue to drop signal. Now I restore the factory settings for one last time, hoping that it won’t drop it’s signal again. ANyway, im going at cellway @ SM Las PiÑas southmall for my X1-01.

  22. Sim1>globeA, Sim2>pldt LL+ = globe signal drops even when phone is not in use.

    Sim1>pldt LL+, Sim2>globeB = globe signal drops even when phone is not in use.

    Sim1>globeA, Sim2>globeB = no signal drop.

    there is problem in globe sim when used on dual sim phones in tandem with other carriers’ sims.

    Phone: Nokia C2-00.

    • @Nibs its not true that globe has the problem if u tandemed it to other sim cards in dual sim phone. actually i have two c2-00 1st one was purchased @ Philippines the other one is from Europe italy to be exact. i tried both phone using globe, smart and sun sims…signaldropping freq occuring at the phone purchased in the Philippines while the other c2-00 for europe dont have any problem on signal dropping.. others suggested to update the firmware to resolve but sadly the firmware of both phone were the same version…so what would be causing the signal dropping?????

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