Want a cheap 3G phone? Try Nokia 6233

Taking a hint from Jayvee, I did some quick window shopping for a new phone yesterday. I don’t have enough budget for an N73 so I guess I’ll settle with the N6233 first.

Nokia 6233

The specs:

Nokia 6233
* 3G, GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, Infrared
* High quality sound through stereo speakers and 3D surround sound
* Up to 70MB total memory (6MB internal + 64MB memory card) for storing videos, pictures, and messages
* 2-megapixel camera with 8x smooth, digital zoom and landscape mode
* Stereo FM radio and music player
* Enhanced Java email client for easy sending and receiving of information
* Spam filter to avoid junk mail
* Supports video sharing, streaming, and recording capabilities
* Video, MP3, eACC+, and 64-bit polyphonic ringing tones
* Supports up to 2GB of expandable, microSD memory

As long as I could get it to work with 3G or HSDPA, I’m cool with it. Read my post on a practical mobile 3g solution at PTB.

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  1. abe, i urged you to go for the compaq laptop, now i’m urging you to wait till you have enough cash for the n73. we bought my girl’s n73 about a month ago and i’d have to say it is one cool camera phone. with a 3.2 carl zeiss lens and an awesome flash, it is really for those who love to take pictures at odd times. the downside is it works quite slowly. shifting menus takes some time and for one who’s used to the speed of the se p*** range, it really is a drag. but overall it’s a good phone, with a nice screen. buy it!

    moving on to the topic, yeah, the 6233 is okay, really cheap.

  2. So how much is it?

  3. thanks for the info. BUT i’d still go for the N73. intay muna ako ng kuryente. he hehe!!

  4. Nice points jun. I read in many other forums that the N73 is not worth it.

    I’m still deciding as well. I used to have an N80, so the N73 feels expensive for a phone without WiFi. That would have been good for the Flickr connection. Of course the operators are happy for you to upload the pics via paid 3G.

    The N70 is not much more expensive than the 6233 and you get a Series 60 OS (if you like that).

  5. Hi, have you seen the 6233 Music Edition? I am on a lookout for one, and I find it way cool. If ever I’d get a new one, 6233 Music Edition it is!

  6. I was on a hunt for cheap 3G phone after Milenyo struck the Metro. The cheapest 3G Nokia phone I found was the Nokia 6151. It is like a cousin of 6233 but cheaper. It has good reviews as a cheap 3G phone.

  7. so how much is it?

  8. cheap? what about Sony Erickson K608i

  9. Yes I think the K608i is the cheapest 3G phone of them all.

  10. SE K608i is cheaper compared to N6233. I bought one for myself. It has video call and internet.. but doesn’t have memory card slot. anyway, its memory is just enough…
    …more cellphones for sale on my site…

  11. I just bought this phone and it’s awesome!

  12. Anyone having problems accessing the web with it?

  13. The Nokia 6233 doesn’t have a builtin full web browser. You’ll need to use a proxy like Opera Mini, or your operator’s proxy (e.g. SmartSurf if you’re on Smart – go to the Smart WAP home page and enter the URL at the bottom.)

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  15. *sigh* I miss my 6233. I lost it when I was riding a tricycle I didn’t notice it slip my pocket. Don’t put a 6233 with crystal casing! Just keep in a pouch bag.

    Anyway, moving on with the topic. Yes, 6233 probably is the loudest mobile phone in the market. Though non-Symbian, the Nokia S40 OS is fast and all the issues were fixed in the lastest firmware; no more lagging, blank screen, etc.

    If you’re looking a 3G phone with good quality and specs, I recommend Sony Ericsson K610i. But if you don’t have the budget, then just buy LG KU250

  16. @Jon2

    Hey its weird because I also lost my phone exact same way.. Slipping out of my pocket while riding. I am blaming myself sor years for being careless. 6233 had all the features I needed except S60. I miss my nokia 6233 so much.

  17. i want this phone
    so tell me from where i can get this phone…..

  18. how much the 6233 now ? im looking for cheap 3G phones .. please reply thanks :3

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