Windows Phone 8.1: Cortana, Action Center & More

Microsoft’s Windows Phone has already faced a lot of updates since its launch, most of it fast through Nokia. Now, a new update arrives and it is packing a lot of due changes. Check on our list of major changes in Microsoft’s latest software update down below; enter Windows Phone 8.1.

Windows Phone 8 - 1

  • All phones with different screen sizes can now access the third column of live tiles
  • Action Center: Windows Phone’s own notification bar with quick settings
  • Start Background: Windows Phone’s version of wallpapers, apart from the lockscreen
  • New keyboard with swipe typing
  • App updates: Skype, Battery Saver, Data Sense & more

One the biggest highlights of Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana (yes, the Halo character turned real voice assistant). Microsoft has a lot of dedicated videos just for previewing Cortana on their YouTube channel and it seems like they’re really pushing this as the Windows Phone 8.1 highlight. Click through the video below for more of her.

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  1. Justin

    Cortana = too little, too late

    • do you have a windows phone?i have one and i am excited to update.

  2. I am excited for Cortana in Windows Phone. I am also excited when they bring it to XBox and Windows as well.

    The only thing is, this will not arrive in the Philippines until late next year.

    • Yup. Its a nice to have but not a dealbreaker for me. Parang novelty lang to for me like Siri. Di naman nagagamit lagi

    • ymer2682

      late next year? so sad naman…would love to update my lumia 1520 now and see for myself is cortana is worth all this buzz.. ano ba yan, wala na ngang available cases for lumia 1520 in local stores, tapos tagal pa ng update.. sad.. =(

    • zodylogan

      A report said you can easily get it by changing your phone’s Country/Region on the settings. I’m sure there won’t be a big trouble if you changed it. I’ve been changing it to have those locally unavailable Bing functions.

    • Hindi ba na f-flash ang WP? Sorry noob and di ko pa na explore ang WP. iOS and Android user here.

  3. Does the change involve being able to use custom tones for SMS?

    • This can already be done sa current WP8 with Black update

    • experience is the best teacher henry, own one to answer your question and not depending on others.

  4. CuriousShopper

    tira tira nalang lage dumarating satin :(

  5. xmki13

    dalawa utol ko naka windows phone (nokia), nakakarating naman agad yung updates

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