Xiaomi Mi4 with LTE rumored to be announced this July

We’ve just seen the Xiaomi Mi3 sold in a span of hours during its sale last week and a gold version of it available for purchase. Now we have reports of a new smartphone from the same company with 4G connectivity and a possible announcement this month.


Thought to be named either the Mi4 or Mi3S, the new flagship from Xiaomi is rumored to at least have a 5-inch Full HD display, a quad-core processor from either Qualcomm or NVIDIA, 13-megapixel camera, and support for LTE bands. The source also mentions that it could be announced this coming July 22 which is a few weeks from now so we still need to wait.

There’s no word regarding the price, but they’re slowly gaining popularity as a company that offers premium specs at very competitive price points (so that’s one thing to watch out for). Until then just keep it locked here as we’ll be sure to update you guys when more details emerge.


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  1. boybakal

    i’m planning to buy a xiaomi mobile phone…just a few quick questions: to those who bought the xiaomi mi3, kumusta naman ang performance ng nabili ninyo? how is your assessment? are you guys satisfied naman?

    • EJSilos

      You may want to browse their FB FAN and GROUP page. You can acquire tons of feedback from there.

      FB PAGE:

      FB GROUP:

      You’re welcome.

    • W8ng4redmi1s

      Sali ka po sa ”Mi Philippines” fb group po sya. Mdming mi3 owners dun.

    • I bought my Mi3 during the first sale. I am pretty happy with it. Quick and no lag whatsoever. The rear camera is very good is most occassions but focusing it a bit slow but image quality is just great. Touchscreen response is just right. The MUIU interface and apps makes the fone intuitive & fun to use. Only limit is the fixed 16gb memory but you can plug-in a OTG usb flash drive for access to more stuff.

    • boybakal


      thank you guys for your helpful tips. God bless you all. :-)

  2. Rainbow Rat

    I hope they will stick with the same price range. The present MI3 is really a bang for the buck smartphone. Hopefully Smartphone Giants would be able to follow the trend and lower their mark ups.

  3. aray naman. kakarelease lng dito meron nman bago.
    but not bad china phone, even samsung now feels the pain.

  4. Hype

  5. Enough with these chinese phones please. Bully yan mga intsek na yan eh, pinoy talaga mga uto uto.

  6. Hopefully expandable ang memory at removable ang battery.

  7. TacticalNinja

    Tatlo yung kamay nung kumuha nung picture.

  8. Malabo mata mo ka-ninja. Charger/data cable or something yung nasa babang part.

    • TacticalNinja

      Ikaw yata ang malabo ang mata ka-ninja. Ninja ka pa man din. Check mo kung ilang kamay yung nakahawak sa phone, at icheck mo yung kamay sa reflection sa screen ng phone na may hawak ng isa pang phone/camera.

      *pero sarcasm sana yung una kong comment, fail ka nga lang talaga

  9. ito ang sulit na hype. hindi tulag ng iba na overprice.

  10. I ordered my phone from pinoyandroids.net Im surprised with their service.. too bad they are one of the lucky ones getting this phone once its released. http://www.pinoyandroids.net/apps/webstore/products/show/5110114

    • Crisostomo

      Hi Barry, I’m planning to buy a Huawei from PinoyAndroids soon. How reliable are they when it comes to service? I only came across them through OLX, and I thought at first they might be some kind of scam, having no physical office address, and their cellphone #s were on only 3 hrs a day.

    • I ordered my Oneplus one from them. Got the phone fast and the service is pretty quick. Phone is a gem :)

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