YugaTech Asks: Moto G or high end local smartphones?

The Motorola Moto G is yet to arrive here in the Philippines, and surely a lot of people are waiting for it – mainly because of its high-end internals paired with the affordable price tag of just $179 to $199. We managed to nab one in Singapore for just Php9,000, a price that is a lot lower than the prices of the local brands’ flagship phones – usually slightly above the Php10k mark (first impressions here).


Local flagship phones on the other hand are spec monsters. They come at prices up to Php13,000 and they pack 1080p displays, 18 megapixel rear cameras & 8 megapixel front-facing cameras, quad-core CPUs to octa-core ones and they have attracted quite a number of loyal fans. However, there are certainly a lot of people not ready to jump into the local smartphone bandwagon.

Since the Moto G has a similar price point with the Nexus 7 (not to mention they’re both Google products), then it might be safe to assume that when it arrives here, it’s going to be at most Php13,000 also for the 16GB variant. That one packs a 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1GB RAM, the latest version of Android, a 5MP camera and a good 2,070mAh battery. Hypothetically, if you get a local flagship phone, you’re getting a 1080p display, an octa-core MediaTek CPU, 2GB RAM, 18MP+8MP shooters, a decent battery & a slightly outdated version of Android.

That leaves us with a question. YugaTech asks – if you had Php13k in hand only for a brand new smartphone, which one would you get?

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  1. I’ve never used a locally rebranded phone. How’ s the UI performance? I noticed that the longer you use android, eventually bumabagal sya after several months/years. Bumabagal din sa iOS pero mastolerable sya compared to android.

    • The older ones were sluggish pero the newer generations are catching up. Smooth na yung UI. Problem talaga is sa hardware medyo madaling masira ung ibang parts but not all naman.

  2. JasonWilliams

    I dont know guys,

    kung sa dalawa, yung moto G, pero kung pwede pang mamili ng iba, sa 13k mag xperia SP nalang ako.

    Xperia SP – Aluminum frame, better camera, micro sd slot, premium feel, faster cpu and gpu, plus NFC and LTE, up to 4.4 kitkat update

    Moto G – Better screen, dual sim, up to 4.4 kitkat update

    Local brands – dibale nalang, haha

  3. Being a Moto G and Nexus 4 user, all I can say the antenna performance(Motorola radio chipset) of this phone is better than my LG Nexus, battery life to is also impressive getting 3 days on a charge compared to my N4’s measly 1.5 day battery life. Motorola/Google finally hit a sweet spot for price and value…

  4. MrOrange

    checked sulit. someone’s already selling the Moto G locally.

  5. I agree with others for the price you can get a sony phone with LTE. Local phones with mediatek processors will never get updates or have any roms

    • Some chap

      Hay naku, alam mo, I learned that the hard way. I tried flashing an A10 (or was it A13?) tablet once and ended up soft-bricking it. Its options are sorely limited since no one hardly ever makes ROMs, kernels, or even tools for flashing them.

  6. Hindi naman talaga gawa locally ang local brands eh :(
    ‘locally branded’ lang sila ng foreign OEMs.
    ..iba pala yung tanong sa tittle kaysa dun sa hanging question..
    I’d get the Moto G or a Sony low/mid range device for the possible updates and quality.

  7. you all have good points.. for me, it all depends on what use your phone is to you.

    If you use it mostly for taking pics, You’d want something with a better camera.

    If you mostly use it for video streaming, a phone with a bigger screen and preferrably LTE would be better.

    If you like watching downloaded movies on it, you’d need something with a large screen and extra space.

    Now if you want to do a little of everything… That’s where Moto g comes in. It’s not the best at anything.. but its definitely good at (almost)everything.

    Inde lahat ng tao, pare parehas ang gamit sa phone. depende sa gamit kung babagay ba sa kanya ang isang telepono o hinde…

  8. I am not ashamed to say that with my 13k I would buy a local smart phone, specifically a MyPhone Iceberg.

    Unfortunately, local brands have been (and always will be) getting a bad rap. I would be first to admit that these stories are true. However, many a times, these stories are blown out of proportion. People who get these negative experiences are the first one to go to a forum, website and shout to the high heavens what bad/crappy/horrible service they experienced with .

    But what about people who do get good experiences like me? Sadly, whenever I try to post something positive about CM or MP, I am greeted with uneducated, close-minded replies from trolls who escaped from their attics and forgot to take their chill pill. Case in point: that troll who replied to abuzalzal. I mean WTF?

    So here’s my point, we all have reasons why we would choose one over the other. Whether it’s durability or features or design, we choose based on our standards. But here’s one thing I did notice, nahihiya ang mga pinoy na bumili ng locally branded phone even if the specs are better than the imported counter parts. Why? It’s all about the image and showing off your status. Having a Motorola G in your hand versus a MP Agua Vortex is much more “sosy” and this I believe is one twisted and eff’d up way of thinking.

    Here’s my summary, kung yung 13k na nasa kamay mo ngayon ay pinaghirapan mong ipunin ng isang taon dahil minimum wage earner ka lang malamang eh mag-iisip ka tulad ni abuzalzal. Pero kung yung 13k na nasa kamay mo ay barya lang malamang eh babaliwalain mo lang ang local brand dahil di sya sosy.

    • Some chap

      So you’re telling me na binili ko yung Moto G ko dahil “sosy” ako? Kahit na mas mura sya at ang lupit ng specs? Kahit na ilubog mo sa tubig ng 30 minutes, ayos pa rin?


      If you’re happy with your Iceberg, then props to you. I hear it’s a terrific device with nice specs.

      Me? I love the Moto G because it’s cheap, it’s fast, it also has nice specs, it uses stock Android, many devs and modders support it so I can root it like CRAZY, and it can survive being fricking submerged in water for long periods.

      It’s not because it’s sosy or whatever other reason you claim motivates me. You might probably reply that not all Moto G owners are like that, but you were painting very broad strokes in your comment earlier.

    • ok na sana ung comment mo para ipagtanggol ung mga pumipili ng local branded phone eh, kaso binawian mo naman na ang mga mayayaman ay bumibili ng branded dahil sosy lng(maaaring sinasabi mo rin na dahil social climber) or something like that. katulad ng sinabi mo,kanyakanyang preference yan,ngaun oo aaminin ko na mas preferred ko ang branded dahil sa image niya,pero hindi dahil sa sinasabi mong hindi nakakahiya gamitin pag may ibang taong nakakakita kundi dahil sa dinadala ng image na un-reputation,reliability,etc. di naman magiging maganda ang image ng isang brand kung palpak sila sa aftersales support,for ex., dba?

  9. Jabongga

    Myphone…especially the agua series are very good phones. I own a Nexus 4 and tried MP Cyclone and MP Vortex. I would not mind if MP yung gagamitin ko.

  10. Id rather choose Local “REBRANDED” phones. It still depends paden sa gagamit. Ako naman kase usually gaming and mulititasking ang trip ko, so i choose to buy Diamondx1 ( still em gonna add 1kphp ) with the specs of 6″HD IPS screen, 18+8mp BSI camera, 8gb rom+2gb ram, 1.7ghz MTK6592 OCTACORE Processor & with a Yamaha Speakers. Pede na teba ? :

  11. gr8destroyer

    LocAl brand vs. International / well known brands has been a battle that’s been around since Filipinos started manufacturing stuff (so it’s been a while) so tlgang kanya-kanyang punto lang yan. But I for one use both & I love ’em! I’ve used 2 iterations of Sony flagship smartphones (Xperia Z then Xperia Z2) for a while now. And I also used a couple of smartphones from local brands (Omega HD 2.0 then Starmobile Octa) & as far as quality, durability & performance goes, ndi naman ako nagsisi & I’d say sulit na sulit talaga ung binayad ko. If there’s 1 thing na pde mong ibato sa locAl brands, it’s software updates, which is ALMOST unheard of. Most local brands would rather release a new phone model with a new version ng OS kesa i-update ung software ng mga existing models. Pero nag-a-update dn naman cla ng mga software nla every once in a while, usually ung mga flagship units lang o ung mga piling-piling models na marami talaga ang bumili (e.g Cherry Mobile Flare)

    Now to answer the question “if I had Php13k to buy a brand new smartphone, would I buy a moto G or a better spec’d flagship model from a local brand?”, I’ll go for a flagship model from a local brand hands down. I’m a power user so that’s why I usually gun for flagship models. So if I only have Php13k, I’ll use it to get the best spec’d phone I can get my hands on.


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