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December 23, 2013

YugaTech’s Top 5 Smartphones of 2013

For the past year, we had a great time of smartphone launches, demos, reviews & more. Before we enter 2014, the YugaTech team voted upon ourselves our very own top 5 smartphones for 2013 & we combined them with our readers’ very own best smartphones poll earlier this year. So without further ado, here are the top 5 smartphones for the year.


5. Apple iPhone 5S – five for five, Apple takes the award for refreshing last year’s iPhone 5 by adding an A7 CPU, a gold color option, dual tone LED flash, slow motion video, Touch ID & more. It ranked #4 in our readers’ choice poll and it would have ranked differently here too if only we didn’t favor better phones in this list.


4. Sony Xperia Z1 - up on number four, the waterproof Xperia Z1 tops with its premium build quality matched with high-end internals. The Snapdragon CPU will never cease to impress, plus Sony’s own camera is really one to marvel at. Apart from the display, there’s no reason why we can’t include the Z1 in our top smartphone list. After all, it ranked #3 in our reader poll.

2.5. DRAW: LG G2 & HTC One

Looks like we have a draw guys. Happening backstage, the HTC One was supposed to be our own choice for the top smartphone, but it didn’t rank so high on our readers’ choice poll. On the other hand, the LG G2 was supposed to be our readers’ top smartphone, but we preferred much more handsets than it. All of that made it result in a draw.

The HTC One is fast, sleek & is just drop dead gorgeous in all ways – the display is breathtaking, the BoomSound speakers are the best in the industry, the camera works well & Sense packs a very good UI paired with fast internals.


The LG G2 on the other hand is basically a champion all around the spec sheet, from the display & the camera to sheer performance. The buttons on the back may take some time to get used to, but nonetheless it offers that certain element of uniqueness to the device.

And our best smartphone of 2013 is…

It won’t come as a surprise to most people, but our best smartphone of 2013 is none other than the Galaxy Note 3! The device packs an amazing set of internals and is for the most part a no compromise phone from the 1080p display, the large battery, the camera that’s capable of 4K video to the 3GB RAM. Not to mention, stylus functionality works very well.

That’s it for our top smartphones this 2013. If you wanted to know, somewhere out there, the Lumia 1020, the Nexus 5 & the Galaxy S4 hanged before reaching the top 5. We can only wonder how different things will be next year; it’s a long wait for sure – but stay tuned for more to come this upcoming 2014!

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42 Responses to “YugaTech’s Top 5 Smartphones of 2013”

  1. Kit
    Twitter: rkdrco

    Yay for note3!

  2. lllbenjolll says:

    1. Note 3 the boss!
    2. S4 well balanced
    2 note 2 LTE for the stylus yet old processor
    3 z1 waterproof with micro sd but non removable battery
    3 lg g2 near bezel but non removable battery
    4 htc 1 premium look plus beats audio but non removable battery and bad 4 ultrapixel crap
    4 nexus 5
    5 iphone 5s for the fingerprint scanner bit same old same old whatever
    6. Nokia great specs running on windows that lacks apps.

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