ZTE becomes 4th largest phone vendor

Was actually surprised to read the recent IDC report which puts China’s ZTE (remember the ZTE-NBN deal?) as the world’s 4th largest handset maker for 2010, even surpassing Apple which was bumped down to 5th.

Nokia still leads the pack with 30.8% share of total shipments for the year ( with 123.7 million, though that’s still down by 2.4% from the previous year). It’s then followed by Samsung at 20.1% (80.7 million handsets) and LG Electronics at 7.6% (30.6 million).

ZTE came in at 4th with 16.8 million handsets (4.2% share) where it pushed down Apple to 5th with 4.0% share (16.2 million). ZTE makes handsets for 3rd parties like Verizon in the US.

Phone manufacturers shipped a total of 1.39 billion handset units in 2010, still up from the 1.17 billion units shipped in 2009 {source IDC}.

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  1. @daniel: not really .. i have classmates with htc, moto and sony ericsson and they also have cheap phones, and by cheap, i mean 7k-10k, without wifi .. but, zte’s phones are REALLY cheap.. but, i think they shouldn’t only focus on cheap phones, i think they should also make high-end phones.. they’re the 4th largest in the world, they have the right and should really play with the big guys in the industry.. :D congrats though

  2. billion kasi tao sa china kaya ganun


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