Best Offices in the Philippines

We had a little sharing in the SEO Philippines mailing list about perks and benefits with everyone’s respective offices.

Back in the dot com boom, a lot of these companies are all over Metro Manila. Some of the notable ones are Asia Online, IBM, P&G and Great Plains (MBS) which provided almost any imaginable mouth-watering perks for their employees.

On my part, before I left Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions because of the consolidation it had to do after buying off all its competitors (i.e. Navision, et al), I had a blast and never thought of ever leaving the organization. The comfort and benefits came in various ways — 24/7 flexi time, work-in-you-pajamas policy, sleeping quarters, free drinks/meals, amusement, and mixture of social activities in-office and out-of-town.

Now that I’m just a lowly professional blogger, I have nothing to brag about except the comfort of my sala or bedroom, the absence of time cards and weekly activity reports, freedom from traffic and poorly cooked meals from a cafeteria consessionaire, and immunity from corporate restructuring.

Yes, I know the risks are there but hey, the higher the risks the bigger the gains.

I digress.

Anyway, what was/is your office like?

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  1. hmmm….


  2. BTW, we are now occupying the whole 10th floor :D

  3. So you really moved. It’s been talked about for months now.

  4. What company is Fleeb talking about?

    Me, I’ve never worked for a bigtime company…

  5. my office? it’s where the whole family sleeps during the afternoon. it’s got a king size bed and a cute drooling baby that distracts me the most. :-)

  6. Migs, NDA. hehehe

    Alfa: Nice office! :D

  7. ive got a new office :) new chair too :)

  8. Always dreamt of a “corner office” but now I have to content myself with the “corner cubicle”. Not that it means anything, but it’s nice to have one’s work station situated at what should be the most peaceful spot in the room, free from dozens of prying eyes. Hopefully, we’re moving 12 floors up, and that I’d have a wider “corner cubicle”. :)

    Why don’t you come up with “submit pics of our workstation” entry? That would be fun! :)


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