Cyberya: PLDT’s version of the PisoNet

We’ve had a healthy discussion of the PisoNet business here before and how it is slowly encroaching into the very competitive internet cafe market. We even featured a housewife running a 3-station Piso Net business inside their home.

It looks like this small enterprise is getting some traction as PLDT has set its eyes on it.

Cyberya is a project by PLDT with the partnership of PC Express and Intel. The machine is provided by PCX, powered by an Intel chip and supplied by PLDT’s Cyberya Package 999 for up to 1Mbps internet connection.

The Cyberya machine itself costs Php15,499 a pop which is on top of your monthly subscription of Php999 from PLDT. You can apply for a Cyberya package at any PLDT business center or PCX branch. You will need proof of billing and proof of business in order to apply. Comes with 24-month extended service and after-sales service.

They did not exactly specify the hardware configuration of the machine though so better ask first if it’s a capable one.

The set-up promises a monthly gross revenue of Php7,200 @ Php1 per 4 minutes of charge time to customers (estimated net profit is around Php5,000/month). What’s not clear is what happens if you order two machines and you only need 1 PLDT connection.

Updated: According to one commenter below, you can have a maximum of 3 units per location, per connection.

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  1. ceegii63
    Twitter: ceegii63

    pano yung may mga 5mbpps connection na? ang units na lang ang kailangan?

  2. Sir Abe, please make an article about comparison between mall stores vs gray market stores vs gcash amex online shipping. Thanks

  3. Cyberaberya

    On the quoted 7200pesos gross per month, that would be possible if ideally you run it 16 hours straight a day, 7 days a week on a 30 day month. You would need to pay for electricity consumption, too, on top of the unit acquirement cost and monthly plan fee. The unit would also be depreciated badly in a very few years so it will be worthless sooner than one realizes. A buyer should also take note that the number of customers would most likely to diminish in number since internet access will be more and more affordable/accessible in the coming months (I’d say month since tech grows almost exponentially). Also factor in the risk of being robbed in your house which is a big potential risk to your family. To cut it short, I would rather invest in other ventures; though, it’s only my opinion.

  4. I saw 3 Cyberya machines in our neighborhood and it’s only connected on one PLDT modem router.

  5. Nasa faqs po nila.

    How many PCs can I avail of?

    You can purchase a maximum of 3 PCs per location. At this rate, the wireless broadband can support the devices and provide an ideal user experience.

  6. IN this generation of tablets and pocket wi-fi devices, is this business still viable? I mean, an average employed person could easily buy a 2nd hand CM Fusion Bolt tablet for around P3k, and a 2nd hand pocket wi-fi for another P2k, plus P1k internet load (already unlisurf 1 month). Even your typical call center agent can afford this. So what’s the target market of Cyberya?

    • Profile photo of Abe Olandres

      Check out the featured story in the link above to see a typical scenario for this business.

    • so, what do you exactly mean by saying “typical call center agent?”

    • die-sel

      “typical call center agent”, huh.
      I smell stereotyping on the way how you made your comment.

    • Typical Agent

      I am a typical call center agent and I can afford that. Do you have a problem with that? What are you anyway? A typical istambay?

    • class-s

      justin is a typical jabroni…and just like my name… Im a “Class-S ” call center agent hahahah!!

  7. Wow sipag mag reply ni Abe ha!? Himala

  8. so, what do you exactly mean when you say “typical call center agent?”

  9. then you will have 5k php worth of 1 peso coins to drag to the bank. What fun

    The 5k they claim is profit from the machine its not counting the electric cost for these, and having someone to monitor them for damage/issues

  10. Richard A. Peralta

    What are the specifications for the basic PC set?
    The basic PC set priced at a discounted rate of P15,499 comes with:
    Processor: Intel Celeron G1610 processor
    Memory: 2GB DDR3 Memory
    Hard Drive: 320GB hard drive
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
    Monitor: 15.6″ LED Monitor
    Operating System: Windows

    • Artemize

      Wow, grabe yung price for shitty specs. kung ginawa nalang nila kahit AMD A6 yung processor at least it’s gaming capable kahit konti. GMA HD Graphics? LOL.

    • scsiboy

      Add the cost of the table/box that house the components.

  11. Ano po bang specs ang ideal para sa shop? Un realistic naman. :) and pwede po ba ipaadjust sa pc express un time limit for the pisonet ng pldt?

  12. Marilou Cuerpo

    Cash po ba or pde sna staggard payment

  13. This is good. How can I order all the way from gensan? I check the list of nearest locations to apply for and there is no south cotabato option. although we have PLDT in gensan

  14. Hello, Meron po ba kayo dito sa cebu? Interesado po ako.

  15. boy kurly

    guys, suggest ko lng. F mgpesonet kau. Go for gaming specs.. para hndi maluma ang pesonet mo.. jst wat i did nw. Hehe i spend 21k for my pesonet. 2pcs for 42k.. ang mga bata sa amin hndi maubos sa pg.laro.. Hehe

  16. boy kurly

    im a certified dota2 adik. Hehe kaya alam ko ung feeling sa mga gamers na satisfied sa service ng pesonet ko. Hehe

  17. ask lang po kung mayron po sa puerto princesa city palawan? ty po

  18. if ever po ba mag apply ano po ang mode of payment cash po ba or installment if ever po na kukuha ng 8 units paano po ang payment & magkano po per unit. thanks po.

  19. Hello good day I’m interested to have a pisonet by cyberya probably order 3 is it possible to have a 3mbps internet by pldt. How is delivery done in cdo. How much po lahat?

  20. paano ako magpagay ng piso net sa bahay

  21. lorraine torres

    kung mayron na kmi dsl pwede pa ri ba kmi mo avail

  22. Magkano per cyberia unit. Please.

  23. may pldt connection na kami. Pwede bang unit nalang ang i-avail? Please reply

  24. Ano pong mqgandang specs ng computers for gaming (cafe business)?


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