Cyberya: PLDT’s version of the PisoNet

We’ve had a healthy discussion of the PisoNet business here before and how it is slowly encroaching into the very competitive internet cafe market. We even featured a housewife running a 3-station Piso Net business inside their home.

It looks like this small enterprise is getting some traction as PLDT has set its eyes on it.

Cyberya is a project by PLDT with the partnership of PC Express and Intel. The machine is provided by PCX, powered by an Intel chip and supplied by PLDT’s Cyberya Package 999 for up to 1Mbps internet connection.

The Cyberya machine itself costs Php15,499 a pop which is on top of your monthly subscription of Php999 from PLDT. You can apply for a Cyberya package at any PLDT business center or PCX branch. You will need proof of billing and proof of business in order to apply. Comes with 24-month extended service and after-sales service.

They did not exactly specify the hardware configuration of the machine though so better ask first if it’s a capable one.

The set-up promises a monthly gross revenue of Php7,200 @ Php1 per 4 minutes of charge time to customers (estimated net profit is around Php5,000/month). What’s not clear is what happens if you order two machines and you only need 1 PLDT connection.

Updated: According to one commenter below, you can have a maximum of 3 units per location, per connection.

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  1. gemma jagolino

    kapag meron k ng connection s pldt like pldt home dsl at gusto m mgapply s nang cyberia pwede po b….. saan kmi pwede mkitanong dito po kmi s iloilo doon din b s opis ng pldt…….


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