Finger-pointing over the Chitika fiasco

Been reading a handful of blogs pointing fingers to almost everyone about the recent Chitika fiasco (via shoemoney).

Frankly, there’s no one to be blame here but those who got so fanatical with it head on, even to the point of leaving AdSense over Chitika (only to be disappointed later on). Ahh yes, big brother blogger have been raving about it and hence, the bandwagon effect (isn’t blogging about bandwagons?). So blame them for pointing you to the wrong direction?

From my end, I did sign up for Chitika when I first heard about it. I tried using it to augment the current AdSense placements, not completely replace it. I didn’t use much of it here and replace my AdSense ads with it. In fact, I just use it as an alternate ad to AS. It could get you higher cost-per-click but there’s always the math involve (country coverage, traffic, etc) – which was the main issue of it all.

You read the TOS, and however small the fine print which says auditing is done a month after to remove invalid clicks from non-US traffic, you agreed to it. You logged-in to your acocunt and you saw the hodge-podge layout/design, how lacking the features were, how inefficient and slow the auditing was yet you continue to use it. You posted your un-audited earning in your blog hoping to wow others and maybe even get them under your referral ID.

So who’s to blame now? That’s what you get when you count your eggs before they even hatch. As Marc quipped, “If it’s too good to be true, it ain’t”.

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  1. Chitika’s very intuitive ads will persuade you… “hey join us, our ads are pretty, everybody will click it, you’ll earn much from it, adsense is boring.”

    I did join too, biting my nails with thought “im going to earn from this.” despite the fact that my site is err..”not so visited”. Although I do get some US traffic.

    I replaced some adsense ads, One-two-three months later, WTF. I dumped Chitika and realized Adsense is the only program people should trust.

    But I do hope, Adsense will produce “chitika like ads”, they look pretty.


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