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August 24, 2014

BDO ATMs, services to undergo maintenance on Monday (11:30pm) until Tuesday (6:30am)

Several services of BDO Unibank Inc. won’t be available starting Monday late evening until early morning the next day. If you have any important transaction to be done, we suggest you take note of this.

BDO will be doing its scheduled maintenance and upgrade activity. Their automated teller machines (ATMs) are offline from 11:30pm on Monday (August 25, 2014) up to 6:30am Tuesday morning (August 26, 2014).

While from 11:30pm on Monday to 5:00am on Tuesday, clients can’t use the following services:

– BDO ATM Debit and Cash Cards
– Retail and Corporate Internet Banking
– Phone Banking and Mobile Banking

The said services will be operational again after the given time frame.


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