Belkin completes acquisition of Linksys

Back in January, Belkin announced that it is acquiring Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit which include the Linksys brand, products and employees. The acquisition is now complete which then marks the beginning of the Belkin-Linksys relationship.

Belkin now owns all Linksys’ technologies, including its routers and Smart WiFi portfolio and services like the Cisco Connect Cloud. However,it will be managed and maintained as a separate brand and product portfolio.


“The Linksys portfolio will continue to exist and evolve to include even richer user experiences and network management functionality.” said Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin. “Linksys and Belkin are now one team. We are ready to do fantastic things as a team and deliver products that delight consumers and support the increasingly connected, mobile world.” Pipkin added.


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