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January 12, 2013

BlackBerry 10 ads appear ahead of launch

Images of what appears to be RIM’s retail ads for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS and BB10 smartphones has appeared online ahead of its launch.


The BlackBerry Z10 makes a front-line appearance here in its white and black variants, flaunting its sleek and attractive design. Other images show the features included in the BB 10 OS such as Blackberry Balance, BlackBerry Remember, BlackBerry Hub, Time Shift camera, and BBM Video with screen share.


RIM is set to launch the BB10 OS and introduce the BB10 smartphones on January 30, so its just a short time before things finally become official.


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21 Responses to “BlackBerry 10 ads appear ahead of launch”

  1. NemOry
    Twitter: NemOry

    The SEXIEST PHONE ever built.

  2. jepoysr
    Twitter: jepoysr

    I want one!

  3. Kaloy
    Twitter: KrianOrbito

    Now am confused if i’d go with the white or the black one. I can’t wait.. Go BlackBerry..!

  4. Wreek says:

    I am sure mahal yan. Bb phones are expensive.

  5. Creed says:

    Waiting for a review of this phone. :)

  6. me says:

    don’t be fooled by the looks. wait for reviews.

  7. franz says:

    BB is selling fashion more than a phone. It is for people who are in a certain lifestyle.

  8. boxingfan25 says:

    if that’s really what the phone would look like, then a cross between an iphone, nokia lumia and a samsung phone is what I see.

    hopefully it’s faster, better, and more open like android.

  9. shockz says:

    looking forward to a review. :D

  10. Greg says:

    According to a leaked fact sheet from Rogers Canada, the touchscreen variant will be priced at CAN$799.99 or roughly USD815 for an unsubsidized unit.

  11. Justin says:

    Blackberry?!? Haha! Only idiots, who don’t know anything about the tech industry, would even consider buying a Blackberry device. :P

  12. BernarDroid
    Twitter: BernarDroid_21

    favorite ni jon rittinger

  13. booboo says:

    I want BB OS on a device with physical keypad/keyboard. Hopefully it would come to Curves and Bolds.

    • booboo says:

      I meant this new OS, BB10.

    • dodong
      Twitter: lyrrad_zason

      BB10 will not be compatible with earlier devices (OS7 to older) because the platform is entirely different (QNX-based). Just wait for the launch of the QWERTY flagship after the all-touch Z10 a few months later (probably June).

  14. Kermy says:

    Sobrang napag iwanan na itong Blackberry. Ngayon lang sila nakigaya sa design ng apple

  15. iambonakid says:

    I’m looking forward on this new device. Hope it won’t fail me. Lolz. But still i heart BB!

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