Cable TV, internet tapping gets 5-year prison sentence

President Benigno Aquino III recently signed into law Republic Act No. 10515, also known as the Anti-Cable Television and Cable Internet Tapping Act of 2013, which prohibits and penalizes cable TV and cable internet tapping.

Image Source: UNTVWEB
Image Source: UNTVWEB

Republic Act No. 10515, which was signed by the President on April 17, 2013, is an act that prohibits and penalizes unauthorized interception, reception or use of any signal or service over a cable television system or cable internet system and/or network. The Act aims to protect the Cable Television and Cable Internet Industries from cable pilferage.

Offenders of this Act shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than two (2) years but not more than five (5) years or a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos (Php50,000) nor more than One hundred thousand pesos (Php100,000) or both.

In other words, if you have cable TV or cable internet services with illegal connection, you could now end up in jail.


Editor’s Note: It was brought to our attention that the image used in this post was not credited to its owner. We like to clarify that such action was not intentional and is unlikely to happen again. In line with this, we are giving the credit where it is due as seen on the lower portion of the image.

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  1. Bigla ngang luminaw reception ng destiny namin nung inanounce yan, may mga technician kasi nagbabaklas ng mga illegal sa street namin. buti nga LOL

  2. Rey Tamayo, Jr.

    Philippine Technology News and Reviews

    25 April 2013

    To whom it my Concern,

    The undersigned is the Vice President of Photoville International (PVI), an organization of photographers with members all over the country and in some parts of the world. PVI is currently in partnership with UNTV 37 by providing the TV station its photography needs.

    It has come to our attention that the same picture was published by your website without any authorization from UNTV 37 and without credit to the photographer.

    PVI has the obligation to protect the images submitted by its photographer-members as well as the relationship between PVI and UNTV. As you might have overlooked this matter, we bring this to your attention and petition your good office to issue a public apology with regard this matter as soon as possible.

    We are anticipating your favourable response and immediate action on this matter.


    Rey Tamayo, Jr.
    Vice President
    Photoville International

  3. ^ Haha, Abe. The least you could have done was add a watermark.

  4. “This was written by Louie Diangson! Blame him!”

    Dude, seriously? That’s a bit of a cop-out response.

    The least you could have done is inform Louie about his mistake and publish a footnote on your article that the copyrighted photo was erroneously published on your blog site by one of your co-writers (note, I did NOT say apologize as I do not believe that this issue warrants an apology).

  5. Also, try to research on the legitimacy of this “Rey Tamayo, Jr.” character. For all we know, this is just a bogus letter.

    • richard

      hindi po ito bogus letter, you can also find the fb profile nung nagsulat.. peace.

  6. sana pati yung jumper din sa meralco…

  7. Hahaha…salamat yan sa may C.A.A. Las Piñas .. tinatanong pa sa may legal na member kung may cable sila tapos aalukin kung gusto mo ng UNLIMITED LIFETIME CABLE tv ….tapos kung sinu pa yung illegal sya pa matapang makipagaway…

  8. This is the original source of what was posted here at Yugatech Blog… and it even have a watermark of UNTV on the lower right of the photo.

  9. Sana gawa din xha nang batas sa mga telecom na kapag d binigay nang saktong speed sa net at nag jajack up nang bill kapag roaming and nakaw load at iba pa. kawawa din mga consumer…..

  10. waispinoy

    oo nga huli kayo sa paggamit ng copyright material,kailangan malaman ito ni Sen.Sotto para maimbestigahan sa senado.

  11. twinkled girl

    naalala ko yung kapitbahay namin, nalaman namin nagtap sa cable namin nung pinadisconnect. sya pa nagalit =)) LOL. sana dati pa to napatupad. di na tuloy kami makapagpakabit ng kahit anong cable sa may amin ewan ba =(

  12. may naka tap smin na kapitbahay … nireport q na and until now waiting pa din sa technical te ng Destiny … ang kaso prang hindi pinapriority … sana umaksyon din agad … kawawa ang mga subscribet … nagbabayad


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