Cherry Mobile holds 3-day sale at Trinoma

Cherry Mobile is offering the Magnum 2X at a discounted price starting today until Wednesday (November 12-14). Head past the break to know how you can get the dual-core handset for as low as Php4,949.


Buyers can get the phone for Php4,949, which 45% discount from its SRP (Php8,999) when they purchase the phone from 10am-11am. Although the sale runs all throughout the mall hours, the discount decreases by 5% every two hours.

Up to 11am, Php4,949 only – 45% off
Up to 1pm, Php5,399 only – 40% off
Up to 3pm, Php5,849 only – 35% off
Up to 5pm, Php6,299 only – 30% off
Up to 7pm, Php6,749 only – 25% off
Up to 9pm, Php7,199 only – 20% off

We think this is the company’s way to dispose their old stocks in line with the upcoming release of the Cherry Mobile Flare . If you need more info about the Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X, you can check out our full review here.

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  1. Wow grabe… from 16k last year now only 5k?

  2. upgradable ba sa 4.0 tong 2x? dini-dispose na tlga nla ung older units nla.. mas ok po ba processor nito? thanks..

  3. you got to give it to CM for providing the public economy phones — but these gimmicks can be kinda confusing.

  4. ferdinand marte

    lemme gues, after the sale, price remains @ Php4,949. it happened before you know.

  5. i agree..that’s their known strategy

  6. Bumenta na ang gimik nila..

  7. Promo? wow… I love promo…..

  8. pang ubos ng non-moving stock. lugi na sila sa overstock nila so might as well convert it to cash rather than let it go to waste pag totally obsolete na. very well known marketing/selling practice.


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