Forget bottles/cans, this new beer comes in sachets!

There’s a new beer in town, but instead of being sold in traditional bottles or cans, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages’ booze will be retailed in the form of sachets and, as the company claims, it has “the same great taste you’re used to in a premium microbrew”.

pbcb beer concentrate

According to the Alaskan brewer’s website, unlike other concentrates, their upcoming product has undergone a patent pending process called HBT (Hybrid Brewing Technology) that allows them to start producing the concentrate with almost no water. The result is highly concentrated ale with the same aroma and taste as an ordinary beer.

Mind you though that, unlike other concentrates like juice, Pat’s BCB’s concoction requires carbonated water in order to mimic the sought-after properties of genuine brewed beer. This is why the company also sells a DIY water carbonator that can be purchased along with their beer concentrate. Here is short video demo of Pat’s Backcountry Beverage’s Portable Carbonator in action.

Currently, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages’ beer is available in two flavors; Pale Ale and Black Ale. The Alaskan brewer plans to sell their booze-in-a-packet starting mid-September and will be available in packs of four (4) for a little under USD10.


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  1. A beer related news in a tech website ü

    Pwede nang malasing nang tenge tenge kumbaga hehehe

    • Baka dahil dito “HBT (Hybrid Brewing Technology)” kaya pinost nila sa site na ‘to yung article.

  2. who has time for all those shit when all you want to do is grab a cold glass of beer?

  3. Perfect to for those who want to drink beer while traveling(I know there are many beer containers in the market but this is more portable and compact since this is lighter to carry)

  4. Meril Feliz


  5. So the probability of having a Red Horse sachet (previously floating around social media) is now a BIG possibility!

  6. silent b0bjay

    ok yan gulp gulp gulp sabay puff and pass! yeba!


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