Fujifilm’s Laguna plant begins full-scale operation

In response to the increasing demand high-performance lenses for digital cameras, projectors and surveillance cameras, Fujifilm Corporation has already started full-scale operation of FUJIFILM Optics Philippines Inc. in Canlubang, Laguna.

FUJIFILM Optics Philippines Inc. is located at the Carmelray International Business Park with a site area of 5.3 hectares. It began construction in November 2012 and started production in late May 2013. Full-scale mass production only started just yesterday. The total investment for the new factory is 2.3 billion yen or almost Php1 billion in today’s conversion.

fujifilm laguna

The new factory will offer an integrated production process from the polishing, coating and other processing procedures to the assembling of optical lenses.

The company decided to put up the facility in the Philippines because of its well-developed logistics and young and talented workforce. “The resignation or turn-over rate here is very low. You have good infrastructure and in this ecozone, the government is offering very good tax incentives,” said Shigehiro Nakajima, president of Fujifilm.

Currently, the facility has 100 employees and has the capacity to produce 2 million lenses. Fujifilm intends to increase the number of employees to 600 and the production to 18 million lenses a year by 2015.

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  1. very good!

    very good news!

  2. tech_noodles

    sana pati mga smartphone manufacturers dito na mag invest para maging mura hihi,

    • Sana nga pero hindi naman tayo kasing unlad ng ibang bansa na kada taon nag uupgrade ng gadgets kya medjo malabo.

  3. rayjtan

    ay nagooperate na pla sila.. ngapply paman dn ako hahaha

  4. Dj0502

    Sayang at Nex 7 na ang nabili ko.. May chance pala na mas maging cheaper lenses nila.. Hehe

  5. is there any hiring in fujifilm??

  6. rcsaint

    This is the kind of investment that our country needs…manufacturing is the way to go!

  7. daniel

    another Japanese multinational company! Thanks Japan!


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