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December 04, 2012

Globe starts accepting iPhone 5 reservations?

Just a few hours after Apple announced that the iPhone 5 will be released in the Philippines on December 14, Globe is already prepared to accept registration of interest or the iPhone 5.

Though has not made any public announcement, the registration page is already live but hidden (if you’re familiar with Globe’s URL system from the previous iPhones, you can figure it out easily).

This “registration of interest” page is to collect potential subscribers who wants to get the iPhone 5 on the very day it is released in the Philippines (the page is called Project Eden).

You will get an email confirmation and probably a call as the launch date comes to a close.

Watch out for the iPhone 5 page at If you can’t view it, try this link.

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11 Responses to “Globe starts accepting iPhone 5 reservations?”

  1. Marcelino says:

    Globe called me 2 weeks ago pa for the pre-reservation of the iPhone 5.

    However, I dropped their offer since it was only for Postpaid plans.

    Ayoko ng may binabayaran buwan-buwan. LOL

    • Alexia says:

      Globe wont bother to call you and offer you an iphone 5 if your not a postpaid subscriber, next time if your going to make a story make it flawless ok…

  2. Hey says:

    hi yuga, bakit ayaw mag submit? di na ba sya nagwowork?

  3. Smokescreen says:

    Coming from a 4s owner, I don’t see the need for an upgrade. Will instead wait for Apple to fix all the bugs and release the inevitable 5S.

  4. meme says:

    this page is already live now:

  5. Reynaldo pilar paz says:

    I want to reserve iphone5 32g color white
    Plan 1799

  6. Lloydie Baby says:

    i have a reservation for an iphone 5 64gb, question is may deadline or due ba ang reservation coz i can purchase it by the 15th of january 2013 pa.

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