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September 07, 2012

Globe teases with iP5 phone alert

Globe Telecom has been teasing its subscribers since this morning with a mysterious SMS alert that says a new smartphone is coming. It then uses the “iP5″ keyword for soliciting email addresses.

Globe has been very careful not to mention the upcoming iPhone although they used iP5, we’re not still sure if Apple is really going to call it the iPhone 5.

We subscribed to the email notifications since we’re curious about details of this new Apple iPhone. Anybody else got the SMS?

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18 Responses to “Globe teases with iP5 phone alert”

  1. Jcf says:

    Apple’s not stupid not to resemble IP5 as their iPhone 5. tsk tsk tsk

  2. Rain says:

    I like the screenshot UI, its not Samsung or htc. Whats phone are you using?

    • Chris

      I think he was using an app called Go SMS for android. Just a hint from that “GO” button below. :)

  3. Edwin says:

    Got it as well. Posted it on Instagram hehe

  4. Tomy
    Twitter: toxic_gulaman

    posted my notification in twitter

  5. severn says:

    iPhone 5? Diba pang 5th iteration na ng iPhone yung 4S?

  6. ardroid says:

    Rain says: September 7, 2012 at 11:12 pm I like the screenshot UI, its not
    Samsung or htc. Whats phone are
    you using?

    Go SMS for Android

  7. Jodi says:

    I got it too :)

  8. Raffy says:

    Yup. I got the same message. I’m not interested in getting an expensive phone with no customization and under closed environment and has little upgrade from it’s previous models.

  9. alvinjane says:

    the released of the 4s from last year is such a big dissapointment for all apple users. i want a bigger screen, longer battery life, and a 12 meg. pixel camera. and im fine with it..

  10. Jayvee says:

    Saying pass on the next iPhone unless it can surpass what the Galaxy S3 can offer.

  11. haykal lorena
    Twitter: Muhammad Haykal

    Yep got the same text yesterday. any specs sheet yet?

  12. Grover says:

    Well 4 inches is so 2009 lol.

    Everything that the iOS6 could do…Android has been doing even more.

    I guess it boils down to the looks. Functionality wise then its Android definitely for me. Note II plus Jellybean that is :)

    Just saying

  13. kwan says:

    from Globe? no thanks.. crap internet connection.. no thanks globe..

    waiting for Smart.. :D

  14. Justin says:

    iP5? iPhone 5? Meh… big deal… I’m sure it’s just another re-packaged iPhone with one or two added features.

  15. darryldose says:

    ako may nakatanggap ako ng ganyan message (september 9) buti na lang at di ko naregister sa ip5.

  16. Blue says:

    Pass. Once bitten, twice shy.

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