Google Glass + CD-R King ain’t gonna happen

Remember the photo that was posted by CD-R King’s Facebook page featuring Google Glass? Well, bad news folks.

Sorry to say but the excitement idea of having Google Glass through CD-R King is nothing but fake. The alleged teaser has been removed and disowned by CD-R King’s Facebook page. Here is their statement embedded below:

No details were mentioned whether the posting is intentional or hacked, but at least we now know that the real Google Glass will not land in CD-R King stores.


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  1. Freeje

    Either their FB page was hacked or maybe they thought they could have access to some and they got scammed by someone.

  2. I’ve checked this with one of the cdrking branches just last night.. They’ve confirmed that they’ll be selling the real google glass for an estimate of 100k,since it was confirmed in the US that Google will start selling the google glass for $1,500..

  3. Late April fools perhaps? teehee

  4. eric jay

    its just a big shitty marketing gimmick of cdr king.

  5. Baka naman na-misread nila yung ino-offer ng supplier from China. “Goggle Glass” bwahaha….

    Eto yung specs:

    – Scratch-resistant Sapphire Glass lens
    – Waterproof, Dustproof & Shockproof
    – Comes in a variety of colors and shapes
    – with free Snorkel and Fins
    – 1 week replacement warranty
    – Warranty void if seal is broken

  6. papansin si CDR-King?? hahaha

  7. That’s no bad news. Great news for the technology itself.

  8. Benchmark

    Probably they will have their own cd r king glass. The wall post they use is wrong. They thought google glass is a generic name that they can also use. Well just wait and soon they will have cd r king sardines err glass i mean.

  9. toink

    Marketing ng cdrking yan para makakuha ng page rank or click sa google para kumita

    • masamune

      I dont think that its for marketing or something just to make money because they can get sued by google with it and can cause them millions.

  10. abuzalzal

    Sayang, bagay na bagay pa sana iyon sa kagwapuhan ko. Anyways, whosever selling that much anticipated gadget I can always afford to buy it anytime. It will be perfect match for my myPhone Aqua Rio.

    • abuzalzal

      Fuck you ASSHOLE.

      But you know what,?
      You cannot spell HANDSOME without “me”.

    • abuzalzal

      Hoy mga Ulol.
      Stop using “abuzalzal” as your name.
      Im the real one bithces.

    • abuzalzal

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    • abuzalzal

      I will sue you all copy-cat users!

    • abudaldal


  11. I thinks its CDR king google glass is true, they just don’t want google to sue them in a way???

  12. baka naman nagpaparami lang ng FB likes. :evilgrin:

  13. hahah

    CDRKing KSP ….

    natakot kung hablahin ng GOOGLE


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