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August 08, 2014

House bill requires CCTVs in PH to monitor public vehicles

Representative Mark Llandro Mendoza recently filed a House bill to implement the installation of CCTVs in the Philippines to help monitor public utility vehicles (PUVs).The House bill 4618, known as CCTV Cameras for Road Incident Monitoring Act of 2014, aims keep a closer eye on these transportation vehicles due to the rising criminal incidents happening on our roads lately.



“CCTVs provide accurate and real-time traffic situations and video information of road accidents,” Mendoza said. “More businesses and private establishments, public buildings, places, roads, and homes have CCTV cameras installed merely for surveillance purposes…the need for 24/7 monitoring system has become necessary due to increasing criminal incidents happening everywhere,” he added.

The recorded footage is to be available for investigative use only by any member or officer of a law enforcement agency. Under this bill, every body of organizations dealing with the routes of PUVs should see to it that the proposed law is put into practice.

With the recent viral video of a heated fight along EDSA between a knife-carrying cab driver and a gun-toting SUV driver, we think this bill will be an effective way to tone down instances like these – or make the investigation easier, at least.


7 Responses to “House bill requires CCTVs in PH to monitor public vehicles”

  1. benchmark says:

    I just read the title page of this article…pero it reminds me of BF trying to implement this CCTV in the roads for violations, etc. pero if it is a violation of Human Rights daw…

    and now this…so it’s like BF is really thinking ahead. Saan na kaya si Bayani Fernando?

    • SpiderWak says:

      mga pasaway siguro kaya nagpalusot na violation of human rights. Mabuti nga yun eh para kahit walang traffic enforcer mahuhili pa rin yung mga traffic violators

  2. jojo says:

    I think ok ito. sana matuloy ito. para pati mga crimes namomonitor sa mga pampublikong lansangan.

  3. Harhar says:

    I hope matuloy yan, but i hope the quality of the footages should also be considered, meron ngang cctv footage di naman kita mukha or image ng mga suspect, or pag madilim yung lugar sa gabi, anino nalang makikita.

    • Benchmark says:

      I agree, the quality of the video should also be high res. Anu yan, para lang masabi may CCTV…eh ang gamit lang naman talaga webcam in a CCTV case.

      Sa sobrang low res, mukhang mga Minecraft character ang video…masabi lang talaga na may CCTV.

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  5. Hen-Sheen says:

    The next thing we know, there will be CCTV’s in between Traffic lights with no camera flash. CCTV’s in toilet facilities (sounds innovative but it’s “something”…) It begs the question, How do you get funding for all of these!?

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