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January 17, 2013

HTC M7 image leaks, preview of what it may look like

The successor to the HTC One X, codenamed M7, leaks in the form of a render from a SIM card installation guide. Details do not show on the leak because it is claimed to be not the final look of the product – so we prepared a preview render for you guys down below.


As for the render, it looks quite unrealistic as I tried to fit different screen aspect ratios and it won’t make fit perfectly at the leaked image. We tried tinkering with the design, along with the leaked screenshots of Sense 5.0 and we came up with a more lifelike render.


It is believed to have the same screen size as its predecessor but will have a 1080p resolution. The quad-core processor will be bumped to 1.7GHz. Further details say that it will be running Android 4.2 with HTC Sense 5.0. Reports say that the smartphone will be announced at Mobile World Congress and will be around USD600.

Regarding the name, we’re considering the possibility that it may not be named M7, but something like “Two X”, considering they have the One series (One X, One S & One V) that has a naming scheme and their Windows Phone lineup (8X & 8S) that followed.


HTC M7 leaks once again in accurate glory

7 Responses to “HTC M7 image leaks, preview of what it may look like”

  1. richard sebastian
    Twitter: richard_DGreat

    looks like an iphone 5. brrr… boring!

  2. johnonline says:

    looks like an iphone 5… hopefully it’s Android.. =)

  3. johnonline says:

    sana Android…hindi W8. nice iphone 5 feel but with a better OS. :-)

  4. mememe
    Twitter: emansky

    it’s more like a blackberry 10 not iphone 5

  5. anonymous says:

    edge to edge display! finally..

    you are an idiot if you find that boring

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