iPhone 6 prematurely announced by China Telecom

China Telecom has jumped the gun and prematurely announced the iPhone 6 ahead of the official Apple announcement on September 9.

The announcement was made by China Telecom in their official Weibo account and though they have deleted the post, it was quickly shared by readers.


The poster shows 3 color variants of the iPhone 6 along with a few details about the device.

There were several leaks of the iPhone 6 before (see here) but this one by China Telecom puts a lot of credence to it.

We’re also been able to go hands-on with several iPhone 6 cases from Spigen here which puts the display size at 4.7 inches.

{via Forbes.com}

Update: Looks like the photos used by China Telecom is based on a concept design from Behance.net derived from all the recent rumors and leaks.

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  1. phonebuddy

    I’m really curious to see how the OS will look like on the bigger screen. I hope they will not just make everything bigger.

  2. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140814005599/en/Worldwide-Smartphone-Shipments-Edge-300-Million-Units#.U_nYjGMqXhR

    … kahit ano pa ang gawin nila sa iPhone 6, they’ll still be second place. Those are the facts.

    • hahhhaha tanong ko lang ilan bang company ang gumagamit ng android os diba marami isipin mo nlng kung may iba pang manufacturer ang gumagamit ng ios baka malamagan pa yang android khit cheap local brand phone gumagamit ng android na walang kwenta hahahahaha

  3. Of course second place, considering every other phone manufacturer has Android as their operating system. Only Apple phones have iOS in them. A premium phone with a premium OS. I should know. I’ve had both iOS and and Android. iOS is definitely more stable with more stable apps.

    • @Weeeh: Ilang taon nang issue yang “stable” na yan, bro. Baka naman kasi kino-compare mo ang iPhone 5 sa Cherry Mobile o sa StarMobile o sa MyPhone? Syempre naman hindi talaga stable yung mga yon kasi mura at mababa ang specs. Ika nga, compare apples with apples. Compare natin iPhone 5 mo sa Nexus 5 ko. Tignan natin kung alin ang mas-stable.

    • Really?

      @justin, have you used an iphone or ipad in a regular basis? because if you do, you know exactly what @Weeeh and other ios users do mean about being “STABLE”.

      i myself maintains an iphone5 and sony XZ and oh well, an old Samsung G3, and i usually picks up my iP5 for almost everything, except for watching stuff.

    • I have used WP, Android (low and high end) and iOS. “Stable” (if you’ll put it that way) naman sila except for the low end Android. Mas nagstick ako ngayon sa Nexus 5 ko kasi ganda specs at ok ang Kitkat 4.4 sa akin. Yung iphone ko kasi, dumating sa point na boring na siya kaya pinalitan ko na… Opininon ko ito.

    • @Really?: Yes. I used to have the original iPhone and iPhone 2. I then switched to Android (2 HTC phones then Nexus 4 and Nexus 5). Just like “’em”, na-boringan din ako sa iPhone, which was one of the reasons why I switched to Android (along with lack of customization and I friggin’ hate iTunes!). Stability-wise, I still affirm na pareho lang sila. Nasa gumagamit lang yon, bro.

    • yokneka

      Kung i-eeven out ang specs issue, lamang pa rin iOS in terms of app ecosystem and quality ng apps especially sa UX, and besides most best apps develop for iOS first, then gumagawa lang ng kadalasang buggy port for Android ‘pag nag-gain na ng traction yung startup/app. The reason why I keep on switching back to iOS is because most of the app that I use are still not available on Android.

  4. Bakit kaya nila ginawang single LED yung flash ng iP6? Kung totoo na yang unit na yan medyo “bummer” yung pagkawala nung TruTone flash nung iP5S. PEACE

    • two tone flash po di tru tone hahahah idiot

    • Sir @ip huwag po tayo ugaling kalye. Ikaw ang mali at halatang walang alam sa iPhone. From Apple website pakibasa po:

      8 megapixels with 1.5µ pixels
      ƒ/2.2 aperture
      Sapphire crystal lens cover
      True Tone flash
      Backside illumination sensor
      Five-element lens
      Hybrid IR filter

      Ang mga tao nga naman… Wala naman pinag aawayan gusto ng gulo

  5. Bakit kaya nila ginawang single LED yung flash ng iP6? Kung totoo na yang unit na yan medyo “bummer” yung pagkawala nung TruTone flash nung iP5S. PEACE po!!!


  6. AmoyClorox

    8mp lang ang camera ni ip6??? As in whatttt??!!! according to gsm arena this ip6 only jave 8mp camera same as the iphone5!

    • phonebuddy

      kaya sya tinawag na iPhone. Kasi phone sya. Hndi sya camera.

    • Miss Call

      ^ So what happened to its premium price and premium feature then?

    • phonebuddy

      That’s appple. Just compare the specs of a 100k php macbook pro to a 100k php windows laptop.

  7. mang kanor's ghost

    wala yan sa nokia 3310 ko!

  8. Miss Call

    The 3.5″ iPhone screen was the sweet spot screen. 4″ just right. It is perfect. It was well research and well thought out of, thus those rival smartphone makers with their bigger screens have horrible product models. Bigger screen? That’s not the sweet spot we spent a lot of time and talent determining.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, iPhone 6 with 4.7″ and 5.5″. We do not want to say because the market wanted it, otherwise, why we would say we know that it’s the 3.5″ and 4″ screen sizes are perfect? Only remember, that iPhone 6… is even better.

    • Anu daw???

    • lumiapro

      nyahahaha syunga-syunga k daw C sbi ni miss call.

    • Mayor Binay

      @Miss Call

      With your horrible, trying hard,nightmarish and grammatically incorrect statements you are hereby demoted to Grade 2.

      Go back and learn your English!

  9. I just hope that after iPhone6 , they will update the 4″ and 3.5″ as well, para naman those who prefers smaller screens will enjoy the same specs as the newer ones.

    Just imagine an iPhone 6S with variant sizes, and this will definitely be a killer!

  10. looking forward sa ios8.. napapagiwanan na ng kitkat.


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