Around 3K postpaid subscribers reach 1GB per day

After discussing the issue about the bandwidth limit and throttling of mobile internet with one of the reps of a local telco, we both agreed that the imposed monthly limit is a bit “limiting”.

My own postpaid account have been throttled several times before (read our story on What Happens After You Reach Your Data Cap).

What’s interesting that we learned from the conversation is that around 3,000 postpaid subscribers regularly exceed the 1GB daily threshold. The number might seem huge but it’s actually less than 2% of the subscriber base.

So the logic revolved around the idea that if you limit the usage of the 2% of the subscribers, you will be able to improve the experience (speed) of the other 98%. The analogy is similar to limiting the number of buses in EDSA (numbering around 2,000) and the time of the day they that can use the road so that the other 500,000 regular vehicles can travel more efficiently (i.e. faster).

Bus operators would complain that it’s unfair to them and that they should have 100% unlimited access to EDSA all the time, despite the fact that they hog the roads and take up 2 of the 3 lanes most of the time. Operators would say they pay the same road tax and income tax so they should be treated equally. The same is true with drivers affected by the number coding system.

And they have a point.

That is why we’re here discussing what to do with the daily congestion, not just of EDSA but also of our mobile internet traffic.

Is it fair (or does it make good business sense) to sacrifice the 2% to benefit the other 98%. Are telcos willing to let go of those 2% so that the 98% are better taken care of? By the way things are going, it would seem so.

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