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August 30, 2014

Long BDO ATM lines due to rain leaks

Experiencing very long lines and offline BDO ATMs lately? This is probably due to the incident that happened in one of their data centers after continuous heavy rains in the metro.


The building where many of the BDO servers are housed was flooded due to leaks from the heavy rains in the past few days. This forced the bank to turn of the switch and shut down their servers.

This resulted to slow bank processing and offline terminals.

“We apologize to our valued clients and the general public for the service interruption they may have been experiencing in our Automated Teller Machines, retail and corporate banking, mobile and phone banking, and ATM debit cards and cash cards” – BDO

As the servers are turned back on, BDO services should return to normal.


9 Responses to “Long BDO ATM lines due to rain leaks”

  1. bayaw says:

    please “Find ways” to improve

  2. Ngangot says:

    Made in China kasi mga servers at data centers nyo eh.!

    • arsenal says:

      What the hell are you talking about? It seems that you do not know that bank servers are not built using the same parts found in other servers. Bank servers are so damn expensive because they are built using specialized, expensive hardware (mainly bought from cryptographic companies in the U.S.) that are capable of perform cryptographic operations within milliseconds and transmit data into millions of ATMs requesting transactions from it. And no, they don’t run off your typical server processor and operating system either because they have a failsafe mechanism built to detect attempts of tampering and hacking.

      Running a bank server 24 hours a day, seven days a week is no fucking joke and maintenance is a pain in the ass thanks to the cost of cryptographic hardware.

      Source: I work on a bank as a system administrator. Which bank? The rival of the bank mentioned in this article.

    • Ngangot says:

      Ano bang mga pinagsasabi mo unggoy ka?
      Ako pa papasikatan mo ha?

      sige sabihin mo sakin kung anong Server vendor yang mga sinasabi mo gamit nyo, ilang Rack ang gamit ng Blade servers dyan, ano ang configuration ng enclosures at sabihin mo sakin na Hindi xeon processors ang gamit nyan! kung naka-cluster at naka-HA yan, eh baket ang tagal ng downtime?
      Don’t tell me na sablay ang change management at problem management nyo? I won’t be surprised dahil local company kayo.

      Pag sinasabing critical at live servers like sa bangko, ano ang percentage ng uptime ng mga serber na pinagsasabi mo???

      May nalalaman ka pang crypto-crypto shit hindot ka!! Ihampas ko sa muka mo yung isang Blade server at UPS eh!

  3. Yousef says:

    BDO ATMs are the shittiest.

  4. Hen-Sheen says:

    Tell Henry Sy to create a Weather Proof Data Center/s for BDO. And that will take a long time…..

    • Ronald says:

      Di ba maraming lupa si Henry Sy? Daming SM branch and condo na pinapatayo pero para sa matinong place para sa mga server ng BDO wala sya mabigay?

  5. a says:

    lupit naman ng mga data centers niyo binabaha?

  6. mang kanor's ghost says:

    Yung mga display counter nga ng mga mamahaling alahas/accessories nila sa SM Malls di nila magawang unbreakable against Martilyo Gang, yung bubong pa kaya ng chipipay na data center nila sa tingin nyo papalitan nila? tatapalan lang nila yan ng vulcasil o baka takpan ng maliit na piraso ng yero tapos papatungan ng bato para di lumipad… hahahaha

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