MediaTek outs its first quad-core SoC

MediaTek has made its name in the semiconductor industry by providing affordable single-core and dual-core System-on-Chips to handset manufacturers for their entry-level/mid-range smartphones. The Taiwanese company plans to keep their streak going with the announcement of their first quad-core SoC, the MT6589.

Back in September, we reported that both Qualcomm and MediaTek are looking to give pennywise consumers a taste of quad-core goodness by providing cost-effective ARM-based Cortex-A7 processor which is targeted to be shipped early next year.


Earlier this month, Qualcomm has unveiled their new entry-level, 28nm quad-core processors, MSM8226 and MSM8626, claiming the title as the world’s first quad-core Cortex-A7 chip in the process. Not to be outdone by its competitor, MediaTek fires back and claims that their latest brainchild, the MT6589, is the world’s first commercially available Cortex-A7 System-on-Chip with shipment starting in the first quarter of 2013. Talk about a heated battle, eh?

MediaTek MT6589 specs:
28nm ARM Cortex-A7
Quad-core with speed up to 1.2GHz
PowerVR SGX544 GPU
Support up to 5-inch display @720p
Supports 1080p playback
3D support with real-time 2D-3D conversion
Supports up to 13MP main camera
HSPA+ 42Mbps
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi 802.11n
Dual-SIM support
MiraCast support

While it’s still arguable whether a quad-core processor is really better than processors with fewer cores, there’s no denying that a lot of well-off Android consumers are still lured in to this processing fad. Sadly these devices walking on all fours are beyond the reach of most budget-conscious as it entail a premium price tag. But we have a feeling that quad-core devices will no longer be limited to a few wealthy users thanks to these entry-level quad-core processors from MediaTek and Qualcomm.


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  1. Quadcore phones and large phones are all very nice. Well, let the market decide that!

  2. Hope they also improve the battery life

    • Cortex A7 although not the fastest(somewhere between(A8 and A9) is known to be the most energy efficient ARM design to date.

  3. A more affordable quad-core? That’s awesome. I hope they get to push this soon so everyone have the “royalty” treatment of a quad-core

  4. Ex-Alodian Knight

    In 6 months, MyPhone would have a new Quad-core Flagship. The C series

  5. Just wait for the local phone companies to release quad core phones with 512 MB RAM and 1500 mah batt.

  6. fastest phone in history, nokia 3310. no lag at all =)

  7. naahh, sayang its only a Cortex-A7ARM processor. It would be nice if it is cortex A9… nevertheless cortex a7 is one of the performer processor wen it comes to power efficiency.


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