Microsoft to fix random restart on WP8

It was recently brought to the attention of Microsoft that some early adopters of Windows Phone 8 handsets have been experiencing random reboots ever since they got their device. But that’s about to change according to the Redmond-based company.


In a statement given by Microsoft, the company mentioned that they are aware of the bug which causes the handset to reboot randomly and is currently working on a fix. The said fix, according to the software giant, will be applied via an over-the-air update that will be released next month.

The company didn’t mention what caused the issue or when exactly the update will be released. We’ll keep an eye on this and we’ll give you an update about it.


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  1. Saw the Ativ S in TriNoma earlier today. DAMN! That is one nice phone, though wala pa daw SRP pero ang release date daw is first week of Dec.

  2. Blackberry 10 will be released early next year and it looks like the winner in the battle for the bottom two. Windows phone will be crushed.

    • chinitoguy

      Sorry but I beg to disagree… I think both platforms – Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 will make big this year. Both are really good but their main problem are lack of apps. Windows Phone is slightly ahead of BlackBerry in terms of apps. I don’t think Windows Phone will be crushed easily. I bet that Windows Phone will match Android in time. Microsoft is Microsoft.

    • This year, like a month more to go?

    • chinitoguy

      Sorry but I beg to disagree. Windows Phone will be around for a long time. Many analysts believe that it would match Android in 4 years. Its a growing OS and many are attracted with its new and refreshing look. BlackBerry 10 is a promising OS as well and it will give iOS and Android a good fight… More choices for us is really good. In the end consumers are the winners.

    • chinitoguy

      Why don’t we wait and let’s see what happens. If what you’re saying is true then I’m wrong. But what if I’m right? What are we going to do about it?

    • And now it’s 4 years? Do you have data for that? Ano ba talaga kuya.

    • chinitoguy

      Data? Kuya why don’t u check articles in Engadget and BGR? search it on Google.

    • “Blackberry 10 will be released early next year and it looks like the winner in the battle for the bottom two. Windows phone will be crushed.” -Kevin, do you have a data to back up your statement? hindi pa nga na-release, assume ka na kaagad. lol

    • Why don’t we just all agree to disagree? Haha. Both OS’ have their strengths and weaknesses but one of them ain’t even out yet and the other is yet to see the light here, so all we can do for now is speculate.

  3. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Deja vu! I suppose they’re still using FAT.


  4. Si Kevin parang may galit sa WP ah. Hater ba?

    • chinitoguy

      malamang hater yan… i really hate haters ng kahit ano…

    • I don’t hate Windows 8, in fact I just upgraded my postpaid plan at Globe with their latest Nokia Lumia to be honest.

    • @Kevin lol again

    • @kevin lol … latest Nokia Lumia from globe would be the 800…. that isn’t wp8, though, and wont be upgraded to wp8… ;)

  5. As a former Windows Mobile user (Pocket PC 2000 until Windows Mobile 6.5), I remember experiencing this bug/problem waaay back in 2000-2004, and now I see Microsoft still hasn’t addressed it. Way to go Microsoft! You just gave me another reason to stick with Android.


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