Motorola’s new logo unveiled

When something big is coming, that’s when we hear all the noise & excitement.

Since Google’s acquisition of Motorola, we haven’t heard much of changes with the company. Now, not only do we get a glimpse of their new logo, but we’re also hearing of the company’s big return this August.

moto moto

Gone is the red & intimidating feel of the old logo, and Google replaces it with a more colorful & friendly one. The font of the Motorola text has also changed to lower-case Roboto, the font used in Android. Below all of that, you will see Google’s mark – “a Google company“.

goodbye moto

Apart from that, we might be seeing the fruits of Motorola’s efforts on August as multiple ad designs have been outed pointing towards August 1. The first set of ads are focused as a goodbye from Motorola, while the next set of ads are marking the new company’s return.

hello again

If that doesn’t get you excited yet, there was also a barrage of X Phone leaks recently. Samples of the 10MP camera has surfaced, and moreover, leaks of the device has been very consistent, so we made a render for you here.

moto YT

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  1. abuzalzal

    Looks like a crappy Cherry Mobile phone.

  2. Slow news day?

  3. happykoko

    The ad already shows the “leaked” image of the Moto Nexus X. No need to give your own rendtion. And besides your rendition looks like the GNex except for the moto logo,smh.

    • Truelalu

      Hahaha true! Idagdag mo pang parang gawa ng grade 1 hahahaha! So cheap :))) this kid should learn the modern arts, high def arts lol :)))

    • duterte

      nagkasundo ung dalawang unggoy. facepalm

    • @truelalu anong gawa ng grade 1? that’s called flat design which is a popular trend s web design ngaun. Simple clean and minimalist. Para ms mdling implement s iba’t ibang devices. Learn to appreciate and understand the concept behind the art hndi ung porket hi-def maganda na. :)

  4. ho-hum

    … *yawn!*

  5. hellobobo

    BOBO! Razr HD lang yang nasa picture. eto yung leaks oh. tama yang render.

    at dapat stock android. hindi motoblur na nasa picture.

  6. charles

    it’s time that google will focus on their new mobile quipped with this motorola.. goodbye samsung, lg and other devices…

  7. jayron

    Forget free internet for everybody. Google should give a free phone for everyone! :)


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