MRT, MMDA to implement phone number coding on commuters

Due to the recent problems with heavy traffic both in EDSA and with the very long lines in the MRT during peak hours, the MMDA and MRT will begin implementing mobile phone number coding to all commuters starting today.

The Unified Commuter Number Coding Scheme will attempt to reduce traffic in MRT and LRT stations as well as buses in EDSA.

In this scheme, commuters with phone numbers ending in certain digits will not be allowed to ride any bus or MRT/LRT trains during peak hours. It follows the number coding scheme MMDA has implemented for several years.

Smart/Tank N’ Text:
1-2: Monday
3-4: Tuesday
5-6: Wednesday
7-8: Thursday
9-0: Friday

1-2: Friday
3-4: Thursday
5-6: Wednesday
7-8: Tuesday
9-0: Monday

Sun Cellular:
1-2: Saturday
3-4: Sunday
5-6: Saturday
7-8: Sunday
9-0: Saturday

The number coding scheme is in effect from 7am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm. Traffic enforcers will man bus lanes and MRT stations to check the ending number of mobile phones by commuters to enforce this.

Commuters caught violating the coding scheme will be penalized with a Php500 fine payable via Pasaload or GCash.

If a commuter is a Globe Platinum or Smart Infinity subscriber, they are exempted from the coding scheme.

This move will probably drive more people to subscribe to Platinum and Infinity plans for both telcos in order to avoid the coding scheme.

{ Photo credit: Interaksyon }

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  1. Master Pogi

    Bakit ang daming pikon dito? Demanda agad? False information? Kaya di masyadong uso April Fools satin eh. Daming pikon.

    Pero kung mambash ng ibang tao wagas. :)

  2. openMind

    bashers = Walang magawa sa buhay, makitid ang utak. hahaha

  3. “Its such a bad idea… It just might work!”

    The planning committe at MMDA headquarters reportedly are planning legal action against whoever leaked there flagship idea to reduce congestion.

    “We can strike a double whammy with this great idea because 7 out of 10 Filipino’s carry more than one phone/sim. If only we had the same auto-debit system as Singapore or Hong Kong ie., Orange which allows travel fares to be charged to the subscribers account.” said the new business developments mangers at Globe & Smart.

  4. well.. this is kinda stupid..

  5. Bsantos

    Huh? Parang mas ggrabe lalo yung pila.

  6. bleubathe

    Alam nyo pinakadabest dyan.. Implement nila yung tulad ng sa Saudi Government..Iqama or residence ID.. Saka nila simulan yung mga ganyang proyekto. pag may iqama ka, kayang kaya ka imonitor. Centralized na ID, wala nang kung anu anu pang ID card…saka nila i implement yang coding na yan. Actually bibili lang ako ng lahat ng sim na yan pwede na ako sumakay anytime.

    Stupidity at its worst.


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