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June 09, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 now on Smart Unli Data Plan 1500

Smart has announced that the Nokia Lumia 920 is now available thru their postpaid plans and it comes free with Unli Data Plan 1500.

Smart has the exclusive offer for the Lumia 920 and if you want LTE, they also offer it at LTE Plan 1500 and LTE Plan 2000.

For Smart LTE Plan 1500, you get 60 minutes call, 120 SMS and 1.5GB bandwidth for Php1,500 a month and a one-time cash-out of Php6,000.

For Smart LTE Plan 2000, you get 150 minutes call, 200 SMS and 1.5GB bandwidth for Php2,000 a month and a one-time cash-out of Php2,500.

10 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 920 now on Smart Unli Data Plan 1500”

  1. Yusuf says:

    LTE at 1.5 GB per month? What a fucking joke. If you want a Lumia 920, go buy one and go with Globe. They have unlimited LTE and doesn’t throttle.

    • ganjathecat says:

      Except that Globe’s LTE coverage sadly pales in comparison to Smart’s.

    • Ryan says:

      even if not on LTE. I still get 3-5mbps on HSPA+. not bad at all. I will not try again smart bec of bad customer exp. remember the SMARTBROKE? hehe

    • Ryan says:

      1.5GB in a month is a sucker. it’s only good for few hours on LTE. zzzzzz

    • Yusuf says:

      Yes yes, it is a sucker. Using LTE, 1.5 GB can be consumed in less than 30 minutes. Smart postpaid is actually worse than AT&T and Verizon in the US. I love their prepaid though.

  2. tmcr7 says:

    Ilang buwan po ang lock-in period?

  3. steelicon says:

    The not-so-bargain-confused-plan bin.

  4. patatas says:

    ginagawang bobo lang ng Smart ang subscriber nila. Unli Data Plan daw. tapos 1.5G of data lang ang pede gamitin. adik ba sila?

    • WalaEh says:

      Wala eh, mandaraya ang Smart. Maraming hidden charges. Tapos yung commercial nila, yung kay Anne, ang totoo, sa kanila yung mataas na price dun. Niloloko nila mga customers nila.

  5. leemar
    Twitter: hex614

    In fairness mataas talaga mag charge ang smart compared sa globe, kaya yun commercial nila is so bad. But i chose smart kasi maayos signal compared to globe mas mura nga patak patak naman signal sa area ko.

  6. Chubbyhowan says:

    Question, they said, and you posted that they have it in stores, am I right? So my question now is that how come I checked their branches and they told mr to have my reservation today and have the phone by a week or most probably a month from now. So is it really released yet?

    Question does the 1.5GB only suits the LTE what if I only use the 3G network what then?

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