Nokia X launching in the Philippines on March 11

Looks like Nokia X is arriving in the Philippines way earlier than we expected. We just got an invite that Nokia Philippines is launching the Android-based Nokia X this March 11.

We first got a closer look at the Nokia X series of smartphones last month when we went to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2014.

The new line is represented by low-cost handsets like the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL — all of which were priced in the Php5,000 to Php7,000 range (before taxes and subsidies).

The March 11 launch will only be for the Nokia X model only as the X+ and the XL is still scheduled for 2nd quarter of 2014.

You can read more about our Nokia X hands-on and first impressions here:

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Nokia XL hands-on, first impressions

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Nokia X, X+ and XL announced in Barcelona

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  1. abuzalzal

    Asha OS part deux.

    Doomed to fail.

    Tatawanan ko yung mga masosorpresang wala palang PLAYSTORE access ‘to. Hehe I can’t wait

    • b0b0 ka talaga bug0k.

      may inadvertise ba ang nokia na may playstore yan? dafuq.

      magsukat ka na lang ng frame bezel mas bagay sayo.


    • abuzalzal

      Kel ke leng bezel bey

      hindi mo ba naisip na walang mag-aakalang hindi ito fully functional Android?




      Oo naman, dahil ikaw ang tama,Kel ke leng bezelzel bey, het heded ke

    • Heckler

      Sir, gano po kalaki yung bezels nito? Ano po exact measurements?

      Thanks Captain Bezel!!!!

    • @abuzalzal
      Ever heard of AOSP (Android Open Source Project)? It’s the pure version of Android – all without the services run by Google (e.g. Maps, Play Store, etc.) and it’s where Nokia based the OS that runs on the Nokia X.

      Just because it does not have Google Services you’re referring to, does not mean it’s not a “fully functional Android”.

      Sorry, but it seems you’ve got a lot of researching to do, pal.

  2. wala lang gms di na ‘fully functional Android’?

    ano ba description mo ng ‘fully functional Android’?

    kung mukha ka naman apps edi mag-sideload ka. saksak mo pa sa bezel ng utak at baga mo.

    puro ka angal e wala ka namang ganyan.

    • Abudaldal

      Wag mo ba patulan si abuzalzal. A tipster informed me that Yugatech is paying this crawler to make nonsense comments daily. Well, he get paid for arguing with everyone, how’s that?

  3. before tax 5000 pesos, after tax 15000 pesos?

    • I am sorry but your comment is so illogical….

      It would not reach that price.

    • papansin lang yan..hahaha..oi pansinin nyo nga to ng si @Dong..ahaha

  4. trolalu

    Available na ba yang brick game na yan? Sarap siguro maglaro ng tetris jan..

  5. trolalu

    Sigurado may magmamagaling na naman dito at magrereply ng “basa-basa din pag may time” :)

  6. basa basa din pag may time

  7. Heckler

    basa basa din pag may time

  8. vida torralba

    i love apple iphone.

  9. abukalkal

    Kalkalin mo utak mo para mabawasan ng laman
    Madami kang alam XD

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