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May 23, 2014

PH government to charge Filipino hackers who defaced Chinese websites

The Philippine government said on Tuesday that it will go after Filipino hackers who recently attacked and defaced Chinese websites.

“We have laws on maintenance of integrity of (internet) sites, in cyberspace, and we need to remind all concerned that such laws are being enforced in our country, respective of views that may be held by people who are resorting to those actions. We will continue to abide by our laws,” Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. said in a press briefing.

anonymous PH_china

On May 19, Filipino hackers attacked 195 Chinese government and commercial websites and have posted the following message: “China’s alleged claim on maritime territories and oppressive poaching can no longer be tolerated. Stand against Opression! It’s time to fight back! Say NO to China’s Bullying!”

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Filipino hackers attack Chinese websites

12 Responses to “PH government to charge Filipino hackers who defaced Chinese websites”

  1. sana ang penalty ay 1 month vacation all expense paid sa spratly islands.

  2. Hen-Sheen says:

    “Who are The Patriots” and “La Li Lu Le Lo”. But in another perspective, the context translation would be: “What is Dark Tranquility” and “True life is Neutral Harmony” Seems darker as in the “Darkest Black”….. Are we headed into this path again? The “Times” will dictate our fates.

    “Fear of living on
    Natives getting restless now
    Mutiny in the air
    Got some death to do
    Mirror stares back hard
    Kill, it’s such a friendly word
    Seems the only way
    For reaching out again.”

  3. spent says:

    lol, pustahan tayo galing pa ng china ang intel o ebidensya *ubo* “na hindi gawa2x” *ubo* *ubo* kung meron man makakasuhan. nakaka LOL itong gobyerno.

  4. tmcr7 says:

    However noble their intentions are, the Philippines cannot afford to go to war. These people are pushing us to the brink of war with China. No people. We can’t fire the first shots.

    • Mon says:

      True, they MIGHT have good intentions, but all they are doing is provoking an already irritated nation.

      Their state media is already OK with war. As stupid as it may sound, its very possible that their citizens would soon also have this opinion. (I mean seriously, they haven’t learned anything from the past if they want war to resolve their issues)

      I think it’s right for our government to pursue the hackers. We are calling for justice and the rule of law in our nation’s claims, this means that it should also apply to our own side.

      I just wish the politicians in the Philippines wasn’t so corrupt.

  5. Summer says:

    I wish these hackers can hack the Philippine Government and tell them to stop corruption.

  6. someguy says:

    I always see these AnonymousPH to be just a bunch of edgy kids that rides on the original Anonymous’ reputation.

    I mean, what’s the point of putting a “PH” in title if you want to be Anonymous? It’s like the equivalent of “pinoy pride”

  7. archie says:

    Hindi aabot ang ph govt. sa pagsampa ng kaso. Siguradong naunahan na sila ng Chinese military intel. Maghihintay na lang tayo ng news ng mga lumulutang na katawan sa ilog.

  8. utot says: is naman tong gobyerno. yung pumapatay nga sa harap ng maraming tao hindi mahuli, yung nasa bahay lang pa kaya nag iinternet.

    buti pa tong vietnam lumalaban. tayo nag papaapi lang, puro lang salita. ayon tuloy nagtatayo na ng kung ano ano dun sa west ph sea.

  9. jrmagtago says:

    well government goodluck if you can really caught them because i think they are specialist hackers to hide their identities than allegedly arrested anonymous philippines member in the past which i think is just a rookie hacker.

  10. Kawawa talaga tayo dahil mahirap bansa natin
    Ang makaya lang natin galawin sa kanila ay ang website nila
    Samantala sila 500+ sea turtles, coral reef fish, reclamation, poaching, etc.
    tapos ano?
    Pene-penalized ba nila pag nakauwi na sa kanila? Hindi !

    Dito ang hamak na mangingisda pag naka patay ng isang sea turtle o dolphin may kaparusahan.

    Para naman sa mga hacker, walang saysay ang ginagawa niyo kung deface-deface lang.
    Kung gumawa man kayo sana ang mas may kabuluhan at makatulong sa bansa ang gawin niyong pang hack at sana di na kayo mag sabi kung sino kayo.

    Masama ang mag nakaw, katulad ng pag nakaw nila ng kalikasan natin.
    Sila kaya nila gawin.
    Hindi sila patas kung gumawa, wala silang respeto sa kalikasan.

    Kinakawawa lang nila tayo.

    May magagawa ba tayo, ha ? Mga hacker?

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